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Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I have done a Glossybox review. I have continued the subscription and used and LOVED the products but never got around to reviewing them. 

BUT (I can hear my old English teachers voice telling me off for starting a sentence with ‘but’.) I am back with the August review, and its a good one!

Glossybox August 2017

So lets see what we got this month:

Essence– live.laugh.celebrate palette: This is such a cute palette. All the products are individually packed and you place them in the palette yourself. It is the perfect travel accessory as Essence don’t only do eyeshadows, but you can get blushes and highlighters too. Glossybox have been great and sent us 2 eyeshadows, a blusher and a highlighter. I know this will be perfect for me to take in my gym bag, as I get ready in there and having to carry highlight palettes and eyeshadow palettes is a pain. The price is great too, as the palette is only £1.50 and so are the powders. Super affordable !

Modellauncher– Safari sun bronzer: Who doesn’t love a nice bronzed skin? You can just never have enough bronzers. I really like this formula as its super smooth and its not too dark either so will be good for all year around. I do wear darker tones at the moment but I know I will love this in the winter more so than the summer. I am also a fan of these mosaic style bronzers, as I find they just give your skin that glow instead of just being plain and matte. The price of this is just average, as it retails for £16.50. I have not wore it yet for a full day, but I am looking forward to trying it as the cheaper bronzers tend to just disappear off your face. Hopefully this is different and worth its price.

Essence swatches.jpg


Rodial– Suede lips: Lip crayons are so in right now aren’t they? we received a plumping one last month which is my go to pretty much everyday now. I am excited to see another Rodial product actually, as we had a few of them before and I loved them. The mascara, I still use everyday for my bottom lashes. Back to the crayon though, it is such a lovely dark mauve shade-I am in love with it. I can tell this will be something I use daily. The formula is great too, its very soft and it just glides on so easily. It is full of Vitamin E which is perfect for summer as its really moisturising- Great after a long day in the sun. This retails for £22 which is quite high, however I think Rodial products are great and its worth it. 

Batiste– 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner: What can I say, another great product from batiste. I have been using their dry shampoo for absolute years, and I love all the new products they have been coming out with this year. The product is always great, the smell is amazing and it doesn’t leave white residue in your hair – great if you have any other hair colour other than blonde. (on blonde hair you can’t really see anyways) The price of this is average, and matched all the other products in the range, it is £4.49 in Boots. 


and lastly, Valquer– Ice hair mask/total repair: Oh this is exactly what I need as my argan oil mask has ran out. My hair is in such a bad condition since I have bleached it again a few weeks ago. I cannot wait to try this, as it promises to hydrate and tame my hair- perfect as its bleached and burnt from my straighteners/curlers. 

So as you can tell, I really loved the August box and cannot wait to see what goodies I will get in September 🙂 Does any of you get any subscription boxes? Leave a link below as I would love to see your reviews.



Blogmas 2016- Glossybox review December 2016

Hey guys!

As you all know, I love this time of the month, as it is Glossybox review time. I am so excited about this, as I absolutely love everything in the box. It’s like a pre Christmas present given to me by myself.

In the November box, we were shown a sneak peek of a lipstick that we will be getting this month. We also had a chance to pick either the berry tone or the nude one. I opted for the nude so I was excited to see if I finally managed to get one that doesn’t make me look all washed out.


MDM Flow– Semi-matte Lipstick in the shade ‘Bossy’
YAYY!!! I have FINALLY found the perfect nude lipstick for myself. I love love love this shade. The Lipstick itself comes in a lovely gold packaging, very similar to a Vicks inhaler actually. It’s small and compact so it is great for your handbag and for travel. I cannot wait to test it for a full day. I am really excited to try it with some lip gloss, as well as on its own.
It retails for £18 which is a reasonable price these days. Also, make sure to check out the rest of their shades as there are SO SO many.

Essence-luminizer palette
I actually have a few Essence products already, and they are EXTREMELY affordable. Honestly, they are not that bad and one of the lipsticks I have is actually my all time daily favourite. This palette has three different highlighters, which are actually rather pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised with the product and for about £3, you really can’t go wrong.

Gosh– Mono eyeshadow in the shade dark green
Gosh is actually a brand that I don’t really use all that often. I do have a beautiful purple lipstick, so I was really excited to give this a swatch. Green is actually a really nice colour to wear if you have brown eyes. I am looking forward to trying this out properly, as it is rather dark so a lot of blending is needed I think. Retail price of £8.99 I find is a little expensive, but this is why I love Glossybox.

Revlon– Nail enamel in Gray Suede
OOOHHH This is gorgeous. I actually get acrylic nails done once a fortnight as I am rubbish with applying nail varnish. I actually use a similar colour to this on my acrylics during the summer, and it is really pretty. It is another nude/pink shade, which would go well with any outfit. Revlon says that the varnish will stay on your nails for 10 days without chipping. I’m not sure about that if you do a lot of housework and washing the dishes every night, but it does seem to be a thick consistency. This is something I will gift to one of my friends. REtials at £6.49 which isn’t the cheapest but if it does what it says on the ‘tin’ I would recommend it.

And finally we got the Lipcote-Browcote
Now I was really buzzing about this as I have just used the last of my brow setter liquid. This is a waterproof transparent eyebrow gel, that promises to set your eyebrow makeup for hours. I am a big fan of perfect brows, so this is another product that I will use and hope it works just as well as it says it does. It’s priced £6.99 which isn’t too bad either.

I was truly impressed with this box as well as the past few I’ve had. I think Glossybox has done well, and I am looking forward to the January box.

Fil, x



Glossybox November 2016

Hey guys!

I can’t believe how quick the months go by! It’s Glossybox time again 🙂 And it’s nearly Christmas too.

So let’s see what this little pink box got in store for us this November.


1.  Ruby Professional– Large tapered Blending Brush- This is a perfect addition to my makeup brush collection. Currently, I have 2 blending brushes, however, none of which are this soft. This brush is the softest one I have had the chance to feel/use. I am excited to create some real badass smokey eyes with this little gem. This retails for €8, which is relatively fair these days. Not the most expensive and not the cheapest however I can tell already that this will be my favourite blending brush.

2.111 Skin– Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask- I am a big fan of sheet masks, and face masks so I am buzzing about this one. If you head over to my Instagram you can see me trying out another gel face mask not that long ago. I looked rather silly, and J thought I was going mad. But it worked and my skin felt amazing. So I am really looking forward to giving my skin some extra loving in this cold winter. This is normally priced £20 which for one mask may seem crazy, but I bet it makes my skin feel like a million dollars. Gotta wait and see…

3. De Bruyere Beaute– Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bubble 07. This is such a gorgeous shade for winter. I love deep khaki and browns, and the gold tone of it just lovely. Apparently, this product was featured in Victoria Beckham’s fashion show. If it’s good enough for the models I am sure my eyes will have no problem giving this a go. I swatched the pencil, and it is super pigmented, however, it blends out really easily. I am definitely adding this to my collection with pride. Might also be a nice bronzer/highlight as well during the winter. Hmmm.. This gem is €15 and will be a great addition to ladies and gents who like an easy eyeshadow on a busy morning.

4.Now ,this next product I can’t really comment about. I am not a false eyelash wearer as I wear glasses ad even if I just use too much mascara, it touched my lenses. (please tell me I am not the only one!!) However, these do look really pretty and I do have a few other lashes in my makeup stash too. I will definitely give them a go once I figure out how to apply lashes. Bare with me I am no MUA. Anyhow, this is the Kiss- Looks so natural lashes that you can pick up in your local Superdrug. It’s only £4.95 as well and I believe these can be used over and over again so it really is not expensive. (They are on sale currently for JUST £3.32- bargain)

5.Wilkinson Sword- Raspberry Rain razors– I’d be lying if I’d say I wasn’t excited to see this. I HATE hair- it’s not my fetish for sure. TMI Fil.. .Anyways, I was excited as I do really like Wilkinsons. I’m sure everyone knows that lady razors SUCK and most of us girls use men razors. Saying that, I love the Quattro range so yeah, I like this and it’s a great shout as it’s always useful to have. May I add they actually smell really good? probably not an important aspect, but they smell LOVELY. It’s on sale on Superdrug’s website so instead of £5.99 it is only £2.97. Another bargain for you for the Christmas party.

Last but not least we also got a cheeky piece of Raffaello. It is one of my favourites, and I like it so much better than Ferrero Rochers. We used to always get one from Daddy (by one I mean one big box) for women’s day so yeah, this gone done as a treat.

That is it for this month. I really am impressed with the box and I know all (maybe not the lashes) will be used up fairly quickly. I love Glossybox as it gives me great ideas for new products, and also gift ideas for Christmas.

Thanks for reading, as always:


Fil x

I am going to be doing Blogmas this year. What are the things you would like to see next month? I’d love to do a Q and A so please leave your questions below, or drop them below any of my pictures on Instagram. 



Glossybox – September 2016- RED edition

Hi guys!

It’s my favourite time of the months again! Glossybox time 🙂

This month was another special edition, the Editors choice- RED.


When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised that for the first time the box was not pink. YAY! I didn’t know that this month is going to be different so I was very excited to open the lid.

I knew from last months sneak peak that we will receive a sample sized Too Faced- Better Than Sex Mascara, and I was really excited to see if I got the waterproof or normal one. Read my August review by clicking here

On that note, let’s see what we got in the RED edition this month.

  1.  Too Faced- Better Than Sex mascara – I have heard so many good things about this mascara. Nearly all of the big beauty bloggers, vloggers and gurus have reviewed it and loved it so I am so excited to have a sample in my collection. I have only tried it once and I did like it. Time will tell if I love it as much as everyone else. RRP £19
  2. Rodial – Smokey Eye Pen – I was excited to try this pen out, as I mostly use liquid liners and eye shadow powders to create a smokey eye. Now I have swatched this and it feels really smooth and extremely easy to work with so I will definitely create a makeup look with this. I can’t wait. This is priced at £17
  3. L’Occitane- Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam– I actually have nt tried this yet apart from on my hands, as currently I am still using a spot treatment and will start using this as of this evening. I am excited to try it as it is supposed to have a lot of essential oils and anti-aging ingredient. I mean I am only 23 but you do have to start looking after your skin and wrinkles early. I am excited to have this added to evening cleansing routine. RRP £19 for 150ml
  4. Revlon- Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat– Unfortunately this is not something that will be used by me all that often. I get acrylic nails done every 2 weeks and I never just have nail varnish on. I will try it on my toenails, but will more than likely gift it to someone. I do think this is great if you do your own nails. RRP £7.99
  5. Vitamasques- Hydro Face Mask – This face mask promises to hydrate your skin for 120 hours!! It’s one of those full face sheet masks, that is circulating Pinterest and Instagram these days. I would never have bought it for its RRP £7.99 as I rather buy a mask that I can use more than once but I am excited to try it and if it works on my dry skin, I may re-purchase it. 

These are the 5 products that we got this month. I like how recently the products are more suitable for me and are things that I am excited to try. I love trying new skincare products as I want to build up a more regular routine. I am also grateful for the one use sample of The Body Shop- Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. I do love the body shop and I was actually about to do an online order when my Glossybox arrived, so I will give this mask a go before I order our shampoos. 

Overall I am really happy with the products this month and I cannot wait to try them all out. 


Fil, x

What did you think of this months Red edition? Sign up for your Glossybox here.

Glossybox August 2016- Birthday edition ft. Rae Feather

Wohooo it’s my favourite time of the month!

So this month Glossybox celebrates their 5th birthday. When I saw the box, I was expecting some great products. Keep reading to find out if I was right. 

So this month we got a special edition packaging with some pale pink and grey design. It certainly is cute, but I would have expected a bit more for their special occasion. Nevermind the packaging lets take a look at what we got inside.

glossybox august 2016.jpg

The first thing that caught my eye was the Spa To You- Deep pore cleansing brush. I really am looking forward to trying this, as back in June we received the Konjac sponge which I love using. So yeah I am happy with this little thing, and I hope it works well – I have not tried it yet. This is full size and retails at £6.99

The second thing we got is an eyeshadow palette by MUA. Now a few weeks ago I received an email from Glossybox asking me to pick my colour of the palettes available. Now to tell you the truth I cannot remember the one I picked, but after swatching these I am happy with the colours. Obviously, they are not as pigmented as urban decay or two faced palettes however I do love how sparkly they are and for the price of £4 you really cannot complain. I will be using this palette a lot and I am happy with it. – The only slight issue I would have with it is the price, as we usually get a little more high-end products, but saying that it is still something I will use on a regular basis.

Onto skincare, we got a sample size Mudmasky- Facial detox purifying recovery mask as well this month. Now I have not tried this product as I am currently using another mask and I rather not mix up my routine, however, I will definitely give it a go in the next few days/week. The full-size product is priced at £60 which in my opinion is rather pricey for a mudmask when you can get lots of great ones at your local Superdrug. Do click on the website as currently they are doing 20% off for Glossybox subscribers.

We also received another sample sized product, which is the Cowshed- Wild cow invigorating body lotion. Now I am not a massive fan of sample products, especially that this retails at £20 for a large 300ml bottle, but it smells absolutely gorgeous and I love it. I am a massive fan of moisturisers as I do have pretty dry skin so I may even purchase the full-size product once this runs out. 

Lastly, we have received a lovely little makeup bag, which has the same design as the box itself. It is exclusively designed for the 5th birthday of GLossybox and you can find  similar items on RaeFeather. Now I have a lot of makeup bags, but if you are like me and have one too many of everything in your collection, then there is never too many bags. I think this is a really cute little bag, it is relatively well made and the zip is a good quality. I will definitely find some use for this. I have seen a few people rave about the raefeather products, so I am existing to have this in my collection. The retail price of this is £20 according to the leaflet, however I am not too sure if you can actually purchase these yourself. If you do want to purchase something else from the website use the code FIRST10 for 10% off.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this months review. I am excited to try these products and was happy with the variety. As usual, I cannot wait for the September box especially that we are getting the much loved Too Faced- better than sex mascara (sample). 

Love, Fil x

Fil x

If you would like to subscribe to Glossybox click here.

Glossybox July 2016

So it is that time of the month again.. 😊

Coming home from a long day at work to this cheeky little box was great. I am truly impressed by the products this month and FINALLY 5 full-size products. Yes! you’ve read that right– FULL-size products. So let’s see the products.

I love all of these products so it’s hard for me to put them in any kind of order. Well, here it goes.

Glossybox July 2016.jpg

The first thing that caught my eye was this little Hairon de-tangling brush. First I thought it was a little small, but then again I have short hair so it shouldn’t really matter for me. My current brush is a tangle teezer as well but it has a handle like a normal hair brush. However saying that I have been loving this little blue magic. It fits great in my make-up bag, therefore I always have one with me for windy days. Priced at £6.99

We also received a hot pink black canvas cosmetics f20 face brush. As you may already know I am not the greatest fan of pink but when it comes to beauty products i really don’t mind. Now let me tell you I am extremely excited to try this brush to apply my foundation as the bristles are just super soft and they look to be a great quality. This is priced at £12.56 which is quite pricey for a single brush but it was technically free for us.

Another beauty product in this months box was the Icona Milano mascara. Now I am certainly well off when it comes to mascara these days. I literally have about 6 on the go. Gotta love a bit of variety don’t we girls and boys. 🙂 It is not as good as my maybelline lash perfection, but it will be great for the lower lashes. It is currently priced at $19 USD about £15.

Next up is another Hawaiian Tropic product- I loved the tan oil in the May Glossybox, therefore I was excited to see what we have received. This month we got the island berry lip gloss– now I absolutely love this. It has enough pigment to use on a daily basis but it is not too intense for work or for just some light lip tint. I use this regularly and the SPF 25 helps in this heat as having dry and chapped lips are awful in the summer (and anytime in the year really). It is priced at £6.00 which is definitely worth it.

ALst, but not least we received the Utan & tone face moisturiser. This is an overnight face tan basically, which is not something that I have tried before. To tell you the truth I have not tried this yet on my face but I have swatched it on my wrist one night and it did come out quite evenly as well as quite dark I think. I will try it out one day when I apply my usual moisturising tan all over. I don’t want to walk around with a tanned head and a white neck and body. However it is too hot for my skin, therefore I have to wait until my allergy clears up. This little tube is priced at £12.50- which is really expensive in my opinion, but if it works then it is something I will consider purchasing it, as when I do decide to tan my face I want to look like ‘just came home from my holidays’ rather than an umpa lumpa.

That’s it for this month and I must say I am truly impressed with Glossybox. I will use every single product and I am sure I will love them all as much as I loved them at first glance.

Let me know if you are a Glossy- wat did you think of this month’s goodies.

Until next time,


Fil x

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Glossybox June ’16

Hey guys!

First of all sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been so busy in work and literally just went to sleep once I came home. But I am back now with my June Glossybox review.

Since the last few boxes I have started to think that I may cancel my subscription and change to the Birchbox subscription. However I bet as soon as I do the Glossys will up their game and do better goodie boxes. Until then I will stick to this one and find my June review below.


So I get the theme. Summer.. However be realistic, its the UK and its not particularly hot here so I do think the next two items would be more like a holiday essential than an everyday thing. (Or would have been best a few weeks ago when it was hot.. but maybe we have a few days of summer left yet eh? )




First we got a lovely Ladival SPF 15 sun lotion spray. I must say I have not tried this yet so I can’t tell you if it is good or bad, but it states that it is ‘non greasy’ which is good as I absolutely HATE being sticky on the beach and sand getting stuck to you etc. YUCK.  I am hopeful and I’m looking forward to some more sunny days so I can try this. Product is a large size which is good and it retails at £13.50. 





You can’t get suntan lotion without a bit of aftersun. So next we got the Lait apres soleil aftersun lotion. This smells good but again we only used it once when James burnt his toe making tea (don’t ask.. making tea is a dangerous task indeed) I cannot seem to find this cream online therefore I can’t tell you what it really costs. Meh not too keen on this as I’m not going on a sunny holiday – well not yet anyways. 






Thirdly we got a little Origins sample. COMMON Glossy sort it out.. we really don’t need things in such small packages.. (haha) Anyways..This is a lovely product, and it truly makes my skin feel great, AND it smells gorgeous. I may actually repurchase this since I really need a new moisturizer that helps my dry-ish skin. This retails at £24





Now this fourth product I am very excited about. I have seen many make-up videos where girls use these on their faces and in their cleansing routine.  It is the SPA to you natural konjac sponge. You are meant to soak this in water and use it to cleanse your face and then let it dry so you can use it again. Seems to be a great idea, and I cannot wait to try this on my skin. And its only £6.99. If it does what it says on the box(bag) I will love it.



lip laquer


Left the best for last.Sort of. The fifth product is definitely my favourite one of the lot. It is the only actual make up product this month, and it is the Emite lip and cheek tint. This is such a great summer essential and ‘on the go’ quick make-up tool. I love how you can build up the colour especially on the lips. I seem to be reaching for this a lot when I am running late in the morning. It stays on for long and once you have practiced with it a few times you will know how to apply it so it doesn’t go all over your face. This normally costs £12.50.




We also all got a little freebie this month, and mine was the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner. I have just bleached my hair again so this is going to be a great addition to my hair repair routine. 🙂 This is £4.99 for the full size or probably around a pound for this size.



So this is it for June. I wasn’t keen on a few of the products however if you are planning a holiday or are in a warm country this is a great Summer essential package. I do love the products and I might just have to book something away for myself and J just so I can use these. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Fil x

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? leave your reviews below.