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Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I have done a Glossybox review. I have continued the subscription and used and LOVED the products but never got around to reviewing them. 

BUT (I can hear my old English teachers voice telling me off for starting a sentence with ‘but’.) I am back with the August review, and its a good one!

Glossybox August 2017

So lets see what we got this month:

Essence– live.laugh.celebrate palette: This is such a cute palette. All the products are individually packed and you place them in the palette yourself. It is the perfect travel accessory as Essence don’t only do eyeshadows, but you can get blushes and highlighters too. Glossybox have been great and sent us 2 eyeshadows, a blusher and a highlighter. I know this will be perfect for me to take in my gym bag, as I get ready in there and having to carry highlight palettes and eyeshadow palettes is a pain. The price is great too, as the palette is only £1.50 and so are the powders. Super affordable !

Modellauncher– Safari sun bronzer: Who doesn’t love a nice bronzed skin? You can just never have enough bronzers. I really like this formula as its super smooth and its not too dark either so will be good for all year around. I do wear darker tones at the moment but I know I will love this in the winter more so than the summer. I am also a fan of these mosaic style bronzers, as I find they just give your skin that glow instead of just being plain and matte. The price of this is just average, as it retails for £16.50. I have not wore it yet for a full day, but I am looking forward to trying it as the cheaper bronzers tend to just disappear off your face. Hopefully this is different and worth its price.

Essence swatches.jpg


Rodial– Suede lips: Lip crayons are so in right now aren’t they? we received a plumping one last month which is my go to pretty much everyday now. I am excited to see another Rodial product actually, as we had a few of them before and I loved them. The mascara, I still use everyday for my bottom lashes. Back to the crayon though, it is such a lovely dark mauve shade-I am in love with it. I can tell this will be something I use daily. The formula is great too, its very soft and it just glides on so easily. It is full of Vitamin E which is perfect for summer as its really moisturising- Great after a long day in the sun. This retails for £22 which is quite high, however I think Rodial products are great and its worth it. 

Batiste– 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner: What can I say, another great product from batiste. I have been using their dry shampoo for absolute years, and I love all the new products they have been coming out with this year. The product is always great, the smell is amazing and it doesn’t leave white residue in your hair – great if you have any other hair colour other than blonde. (on blonde hair you can’t really see anyways) The price of this is average, and matched all the other products in the range, it is £4.49 in Boots. 


and lastly, Valquer– Ice hair mask/total repair: Oh this is exactly what I need as my argan oil mask has ran out. My hair is in such a bad condition since I have bleached it again a few weeks ago. I cannot wait to try this, as it promises to hydrate and tame my hair- perfect as its bleached and burnt from my straighteners/curlers. 

So as you can tell, I really loved the August box and cannot wait to see what goodies I will get in September 🙂 Does any of you get any subscription boxes? Leave a link below as I would love to see your reviews.



Overcoming the fear of going to the gym- My Top Tips

Hi guys!

I thought today I’ll share with you a few tips on how I overcome my fear of the gym.
I know so many of you fear the thought of the gym..don’t worry I was the same.
Basically, a few months back even the thought of walking through the gym made me feel anxious. I thought everyone would be looking at me, everyone would be better at using the machines, everyone would do more reps with higher weights etc. I was afraid people would laugh at me as I was a complete newbie.

If you have similar thoughts let me tell you, you are WRONG! Absolutely no-one will do the above, guys. I have not met a nicer bunch of people than the ones in my gym. I know I am not the best at weightlifting and most certainly cannot run as fast and as long as some others, but I am doing the best for myself by giving my body the chance to sweat and change itself while working out. As I mentioned in a previous post, I struggled hard with my own mind for majority of my life (on and off). Making the decision to overcome a fear that in return will make me love my own body (for the first time ever) was such a hard yet rewarding step in my journey.

By all means, you can set up a gym at home and work out there, but honestly going to the gym makes me much more motivated. I cannot work as hard at home as I would in the gym and for now this is the cheapest option too. Proper gym equipment (and the servicing and upkeep) is not cheap !! I do want to have my own gym at home if and when I move out but that is a different story for a different time 🙂

Overcoming the Fear

I have a few tips that I recommend you to try if you find it hard to walk through the door of your gym:

  • Headphones. OMG these are still something I carry around with me to every gym sesh. I LOVE music and I have my own style and my own favourites. My gym plays normal hits that you would listen to on the radio. As you may know that is not really my scene so I do love listening to my own music with a much heavier beat when I work out. It also helps me get into the ‘zone’ and forget about everything around me and concentrate solely on my workout. TRUST ME it works wonders… Having your own music comforts your mind and by doing that your body will be at ease and you will slowly start enjoying yourself and loving the gym. I know I did!
  • Playlist. This sort of goes with the above. Take time and make yourself an up beat playlist for your workout. A good beat is essential for me when I run for example. (I love listening to Rammstein during my LISS sessions on the treadmill- 1 hour of pure German goodness ) There is nothing worse than taking time out of your workout shuffling the songs on your iPod.. waste of precious time ! DON’T DO IT!
  • Have a plan. This may be hard if you are super new to working out. I would recommend starting in your gym and booking an introduction session with one of the PTs.(personal trainers) This usually is free, as they would just walk around and show you how to use the machines, how to operate things etc. I recommend this as the next time you come you will know where things are kept etc and you won’t walk around looking for things. It also allows you to ask some questions from the PT. Don’t be afraid, they are there to help you along, and they will point you to the right direction 🙂 . Trust them they know what they are talking about. It’s not a bad idea to take some classes from a personal trainer and then once you know a few moves etc you can then work out by yourself. HOWEVER not everyone has the spare cash (I was the same) so I just googled and watched youtube for inspiration. Pinterest is also good. BUT BE CAREFUL! I researched most of the workouts and made sure I get the posture right as I did not want to hurt myself. ASK THE PTs.
    So yeah, I write up an exercise plan before I go to the gym every single time. It keeps me on track I get everything done and then I come home. I get things done better, faster and more effectively with a plan. (I do have a PT too as I am getting ready for a competition but it is not essential if you can get yourself motivated enough)
  • Take pictures. What I mean is take a before picture of yourself in a few angles, and it will keep you motivated. TRUST ME. I love watching my body change. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my ‘before’ picture but it is amazing how your body changes in such a little time. I love it! It also helps you see the changes. You live in your body everyday (obviously) and see yourself daily, but its not the same seeing yourself from above as it is from the point of view of another person. It doesn’t have to be for anyone else, but yourself.
  • Friends. I had a few friends that have already started going to the free classes our gym offers before I moved to Ireland so I joined them a few weeks after I moved. The classes were great to get me started on this crazy journey. Most gyms offer the classes so don’t be afraid to ask about them. It is definitely a great way to get your confidence up.
    If you don’t already have friends that attend the gym, try and convince a few to tag along with you. The gym is not just for bodybuilders!

Last very important point!! Please DO NOT COMPARE yourself to anyone else, and make sure you do this for your own body. All you can do is try your best and trust me it will be worth it. Don’t punish yourself if you decide to have a cheat week, you can always get back on track. If you really want to achieve something you will be able to. Everyone is different and everyones body is different so concentrate on your goals and you will do great at achieving them.

Thanks for reading (I know it was a bit long).
Comment below your best tips for anyone that struggles with attending the gym.

Fil x

Taking baby steps towards a better me

Hi guys!

I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the past few months.

So from my previous (I know its been ages) post you know that I have moved back home with the parents. I took this opportunity to actually get my life in order again and to do something for myself. And thats EXACTLY what I have been doing in the past few weeks. Keep reading to see what I am talking about!

filsjourney- fitness

Coming back home has not exactly been the easiest ride of my life. Adapting to living with the parents after being independent living alone for 6 years has had its ups and downs for sure. I am so lucky though to have such amazing parents who just let me take my time with settling in and doing my own things. Anyways enough about that. So here I was, back in my childhood bedroom trying to figure out what to do next. I was lucky to get a job pretty much straight away which has helped me to put aside money worries. But I was stuck whether should I do a course, should I eat my weight in pasta (not the worst choice ha), should I start working out, should I this should I that…

This is when I realised that I need to take things easy and slow down with the planning. Don’t get me wrong planning your life is great, but I was going over the top. I wanted things to happen and to happen quick instead of making long term plans. I went through a lot in the first few months of the year and I had to get my mind into the right place before I could plan anything else, such as studying.

A few weeks have passed and I was starting to feel much more comfortable with my situation. I was settling into work, my mind was recovering from the breakup and I was starting to go to the gym. YES, … me,…  I started going to the gym.. Still ate crap and takeaways etc but I was getting into a new routine.

This is when everything started clicking into place. I decided that instead of studying a new course, I wanted to get fit. I wanted to get fit every New Years, every month at least once but was just never in the right place mentally before. BUT this time it was different. This time I decided to go big with the plans and have done a lot of research and set out an achievable (VERY HARD BUT ACHIEVABLE) goal.

I signed myself up to a fitness competition. AND PLEASE don’t be one of those who imagines a fitness competition having 1 category which is the super muscled women. THATS just one of MANY categories. Give it a google and you’ll see that you can have bikini, toned and physique. Physique is where you’ll see the huge muscles and honestly (virtual) hat off to those competitors as it ain’t easy being so ripped. I of course sign ed up to the bikini division, as I want to build slight muscle with definition but keep feminine. (thats what the website describe it as).

So I am starting week 3 of my prep (got about 18 weeks) on Monday and I am super excited to see results. I will surely keep you posted and will do a before/after style post half way through as well as at the end of my prep. It is hard, and requires a lot of dedication already but I can see my body change and I just feel like a different person. I think I have found my happiness again. I can’t complain!

Make sure to follow me on my other social media to keep up to date with my meals and post workout selfies (neither of them is pretty but heyho).

Please let me know if you have done something similar or if you have ideas on how to keep motivated in similar situation.

Fil, x

Glossybox – September 2016- RED edition

Hi guys!

It’s my favourite time of the months again! Glossybox time 🙂

This month was another special edition, the Editors choice- RED.


When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised that for the first time the box was not pink. YAY! I didn’t know that this month is going to be different so I was very excited to open the lid.

I knew from last months sneak peak that we will receive a sample sized Too Faced- Better Than Sex Mascara, and I was really excited to see if I got the waterproof or normal one. Read my August review by clicking here

On that note, let’s see what we got in the RED edition this month.

  1.  Too Faced- Better Than Sex mascara – I have heard so many good things about this mascara. Nearly all of the big beauty bloggers, vloggers and gurus have reviewed it and loved it so I am so excited to have a sample in my collection. I have only tried it once and I did like it. Time will tell if I love it as much as everyone else. RRP £19
  2. Rodial – Smokey Eye Pen – I was excited to try this pen out, as I mostly use liquid liners and eye shadow powders to create a smokey eye. Now I have swatched this and it feels really smooth and extremely easy to work with so I will definitely create a makeup look with this. I can’t wait. This is priced at £17
  3. L’Occitane- Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam– I actually have nt tried this yet apart from on my hands, as currently I am still using a spot treatment and will start using this as of this evening. I am excited to try it as it is supposed to have a lot of essential oils and anti-aging ingredient. I mean I am only 23 but you do have to start looking after your skin and wrinkles early. I am excited to have this added to evening cleansing routine. RRP £19 for 150ml
  4. Revlon- Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat– Unfortunately this is not something that will be used by me all that often. I get acrylic nails done every 2 weeks and I never just have nail varnish on. I will try it on my toenails, but will more than likely gift it to someone. I do think this is great if you do your own nails. RRP £7.99
  5. Vitamasques- Hydro Face Mask – This face mask promises to hydrate your skin for 120 hours!! It’s one of those full face sheet masks, that is circulating Pinterest and Instagram these days. I would never have bought it for its RRP £7.99 as I rather buy a mask that I can use more than once but I am excited to try it and if it works on my dry skin, I may re-purchase it. 

These are the 5 products that we got this month. I like how recently the products are more suitable for me and are things that I am excited to try. I love trying new skincare products as I want to build up a more regular routine. I am also grateful for the one use sample of The Body Shop- Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. I do love the body shop and I was actually about to do an online order when my Glossybox arrived, so I will give this mask a go before I order our shampoos. 

Overall I am really happy with the products this month and I cannot wait to try them all out. 


Fil, x

What did you think of this months Red edition? Sign up for your Glossybox here.

All year round golden summer glow in rainy Britain – yes it’s possible!

Hey guys!

I’m sure you guys are aware that us lot in England unfortunately, do not get very great summers. Especially nothing like the Hungarian summers that I am used to. We are in September now so this was it for this year, and now we need to get ready for more rain and darker nights. (To be fair I have to admit that this summer has been the best I have seen over the last 10 or so years).

Now I was never a massive fan of fake tanning, or using sun beds since I absolutely do not want to look like an umpa lumpa and feel sticky and horrible. On the other hand, I really had enough of looking like a bleach advert with my very very VERY pale legs and arms and body really. I have tried so many different tans but none has seemed to work for me, they were all streaky, smelled horrible and made me orange. Now those days are over thanks to my all time favourite summer best friend- the Dove Summer Revived in Medium to Dark.


Why do I love this?

  • Colour – This truly gives my skin a natural looking tan, it is not streaky, it looks even all around and even though I have a light skin tone, I believe the dark one is the best for me. Also, it is actually a brown tone, not an orange- win win all around really
  • Smell- Now this is definitely one of my favourite points- it does NOT make you smell like biscuits. Yes, you have read that right, no more cakey smell which is great, as that is definitely what I hate the most about fake tans.
  • Price- The products is so inexpensive, and it is usually on a 3 for 2 deal or half price deal. I got mine half priced and bought a few of them so it will last me until the next deals are on. Retails for just £7.99 but as I’ve said mine were under £4 which is such a bargain.
  • Is it long lasting? – YESS I love that I do not have to put this on everyday for it to look good, all I need to do is moisturise after every shower and then the colour lasts much longer. I only really use it twice or 3 times a week after a shower. It’s great I cannot fault it.

I am so happy with this product that I cannot recommend it enough. If you are like me and would like a long lasting truly natural looking tan for the summer as well as all year round, please give this a go and you will not be disappointed. The product comes in really large packaging and therefore lasts absolutely ages.

Thank you to Anna SacconeJoly as I have seen the product in her videos and I wanted to try it for myself as she always looks so beautiful and tanned. Thanks Anna 🙂 !

Fil, x

What tan do you use, if any? Give this Dove tanner a go and let me know what you think!!

Benefit KAbrow cream eyebrow gel- Is it worth the hype?

Hey guys,

I’m sure you all have heard of the new Benefit brow collection. I am a sucker recently for perfect eyebrows and when I have read all the positive reviews I had to grab one for myself. Now they have a LOT of varieties in their collection to suit everyone. I have really dark and thick natural eyebrows, therefore I wanted to go for the product that is buildable and will be able to give me fuller looking brows. If you like a more natural look, you will find that this Benefit range has a product for you, but the KAbrow is definitely the one for me. It is a cream gel formula, which seems to be the no1 choice these days.


In the world of Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade, I think it is difficult for any brand to try and top that, since it seems to be the go-to product amongst beauty gurus, however after reading the reviews of it drying out fast and crumbling during application I opted for the KAbrow.

What I love the most about the KAbrow is that it is so easy to work with, the formula is great and it just blends so well. I also love the packaging, and that it comes with the perfect little eyebrow brush. All you need to do is flip the handle around and there you have the brush which is great for detail and precision.


Another advantage of the benefit range is that once you get a colour match, you can purchase any other product from the collection in the same shade as they are all matching. My natural hair is a very dark brown, and I dye my hair black so I was looking to get a colour that matches my skin tone that is not too dark. I went for the colour number 5 which is a dark brown colour. The product is buildable and very pigmented therefore I am happy that I went to the Benefit counter to get them to match my colour as otherwise I probably would have picked the darkest shade which would have been a nightmare.

To sum up the above, the top reasons I love the Benefit KA-brow:

  • Great formula – easy to work with
  • Buildable colour- great for everyday and also for nights out and special occassions
  • Includes a brush in the lid – might look small but its great for the fine hair strokes
  • Stays in place without having to use any brow gel

I really find it difficult to find any cons of the KA-brow, however to name some, id say it doesn’t have a huge variety of colours -only 6- and it is priced at £18.50 which is a bit expensive. Saying that, I am very happy that I have finally decided to buy this and I think it will last me a long long time.

Find your perfect match here.

So is it worth the hype? – yes yes yes, I love it.

Fil, x

Do you guys have a favourite eyebrow product? Have you tried the Benefit brow range? Let me know in the comments.

Favourite foundations

Hey guys!

Today I thought I will do a foundation review, and show you the few foundations I have been loving. Some of these are new to my collection this year, however I have my old time favourites too.

favourtie foundation rimmel maxfacto baremineral review

  • Bare Minerals – Original SPF 15 foundation

This has to be my all-time favourite foundation. I have loved it from day one and have been using this for quite a few years now. It will take a few tries to figure out how to use it but I guarantee this is such a great alternative to heavy liquid foundations. I found that layering it makes it look more flawless, so I use a little powder each time and work it well into the skin and repeat. It’s not only long lasting, but it does seem to have helped with the breakouts. -I use the colour fairly light

  • Rimmel – Lasting finish foundation

 This is one of the new liquid foundations I have loved recently. I have pretty dry skin and wanted to get a foundation that is quick to apply, unlike the bare minerals one and will not look flakey on my skin if I didn’t have time to moisturise. I actually really like this foundation, the coverage is pretty good. It is not completely full coverage but it is very buildable and does last a few hours. I wouldn’t say 24hrs but does last a while. Little tip: securing with some translucent, or even normal fixing powder will make it last much longer. I use the shade ivory which is the lightest shade with a neutral/warm undertone. Porcelain would be pink for my skin tone.

  • Maxfactor- Face finity all day flawless 3 in 1 foundation

Now this is probably the most full-coverage foundation that I own. It is full coverage from the first application and does stay on exceptionally well. I do like setting my liquid foundation with a thin layer of powder, even if it is a translucent one.  I really do love this foundation and use it mostly for nights out or special occasions. The Rimmel one is my everyday choice but this Maxfactor is my favourite for other times. I am in the colour warm almond, and it matches my skin perfectly.

Do you have a favourite foundation? Let me know in the comments, I would love to try out some new ones.


Fil, x