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Blogmas 2016- Favourite Christmas Recipes


Hey guys!

Oh you all know how much I like to eat. Food is just great, and what is there not to love about Christmas dinner? (I bet some of you are thinking- sprouts)

I thought today I will share with you the three dishes that I absolutely love, and would miss the most if they didn’t appear on my Christmas dinner table.



This is not even part of your meal as such, as it is the dessert but OMG I think all hell would break loose if my mum would decide not to make this. Dad and I would be so shocked that we would probably give it a go ourselves. ha Honestly this is my absolute favourite dish, HOWEVER saying that I have never had a nice one from a shop or a restaurant. My mum makes the best one, she managed to figure out the quantities and I will make sure this is copied by J this Christmas. I pretty much eat all my dinner leaving my dessert belly all empty just to demolish half of mummy’s creation. SUPER YUM


  • 2 boxes of mascarpone
  • 1 tub of whipping cream (large)
  • sponge fingers (3packs so around 30)
  • rum extract
  • sugar (2 tblsp)
  • cocoa powder (just to drizzle on the top)

For the cream: Mix your mascarpone, cream and rum extract in a large bowl with the sugar until smooth. Make sure not to overdo it, as it will turn into butter.

Layering: Simply make a really strong coffee and wait for it to cool down. (The biscuits will soak the hot coffee up too much and that is where it goes wrong and things go soggy.yuck) dip your sponge fingers in the coffee, but do not submerge. I just hold it with a finger at either end and just dip each side into the cold coffee. That is all you need, I promise. Layer your biscuits at the bottom of the dish. Now add a layer of your cream, make sure it covers the biscuits but not too thick. Now add another layer of the biscuits and then cream and repeat until you have run out of cream. The cream should be the top layer .

Serving: I like to just scoop it into little bowls with a spoon, or an ice-cream scoop. Drizzle it with plain cocoa. DELICIOUS.

Yorkshire puddings

You may think I am mad to include this, but I think the first time I had a Yorkie was made by J so could not have been more than 3 years ago. CRAZY isn’t it? Our traditions are much different in Hungary of course and my mum keeps the traditions all year long. Anyway, I do love a Yorkie pudding, as it basically is a pancake that I can stuff with stuffing and gravy and mash. FANTASTIC.

Since J has a secret family recipe I cannot tell you what exactly is in it, but it basically is a runny pancake batter. I know that you put a little oil into each section of the muffin tray and heat it in the oven until super hot. This is the stage when you add your pudding mix, and stick it in the oven until golden brown. Sounds easy? Well, they so often shrink or don’t even rise at all. They can be crispy which is not correct or too soggy which is also not great. I honestly can say that J makes a great Yorkshire pudding -yes I know he is a chef but still.

Cider and Jam ham

Just so you know, this is usually something I have either at home with my parents, but more likely at their friends’ house. Really easy but super delicious. All you need is a big gammon joint, cheap cider (dirt cheap one like the Sainsbury’s own value) onions, garlic and apricot jam.

There is two way of cooking the ham, either in a large pot for a large portion of the day or in a slow cooker. The slow cooker is probably the best option. Just place your gammon, onions, garlic and cider into your slow cooker and cook it for about 6 hours on a low heat, but make sure it doesn’t fall apart. Oce cooked, remove it from the slow cooker, take the skin off if you have any on it and place it onto a large baking tray. I recommend that you wrap the baking tray in tin foil as this can get messy.

This is the point when you generously coat the cooked ham with your apricot jam and place it into a hot oven. (Probably 180 degrees C). This is where it gets a tad messy, as you will have to make sure to come back to it every so often and spoon the jam back on the top. You want to make sure to get the ham completely glazed with the jam, so it goes nice and crispy on the outside.

This is great for your Christmas dinner, or also as a sandwich filling throughout the year. I absolutely love it, and even though it sounds like an odd combination, TRUST ME it is gorgeous.


What are your Christmas dinner favourites?

I have a really busy weekend with my staff party being a full weekend thing, so if the posts are a bit late I’m sorry. I’m not sure what the internet is going to be like in the hotel.


Fil, x


Gingerbread Halloween Cupcakes

Hey guys!

As you may already know I absolutely love autumn, and it’s October which means it’s HALLOWEEN time 🙂 I am a fan of Halloween and I used to love getting dressed up and get extra sweeties than normal – not a massive fan of dressing up these days anymore. (age has gotten to me) but sweeties are welcome!


Since I still love the celebrations, and the pumpkin spiced lattes and decorations, I thought I will bake some cupcakes this year. J is the chef in our house, therefore I am not the bestest of cooks- maybe I need to practice more, but when a chef offers to make dinner I ain’t gonna say no 🙂 That would be silly!

Pinterest is your best friend in situations like this, therefore it was pretty easy to find a recipe that I can follow.

I simply picked the one that seemed easiest with a not too complicated ingredient list.

This is the recipe that I followed: Gingerbread muffins. Instead of purchasing all the spices on the list, I have bought a spice mix which is ideal for baking as it had cinnamon and ginger in it. I think the cupcakes tasted really nice and I was rather impressed with myself. (I also doubled the amount just to leave extras in case I mess it up a bit)

I did try to film my baking, but it did not turn out well, therefore its only pictures this time. I will make it much better the next time I get my pans dirty.


Fil x

What did you think of these cupcakes? Let me know if you make them, and leave the link below so I can see some pictures- also anyone has some similar gingerbread dessert recipes also point them my way.


Lovely Saturday lunch with the parents

Hi guys!

So today I had such a lovely afternoon with my parents! Unfortunately, because we live in different countries we don’t see each other as much as we would like to. I know that some of you may live even further apart from your parents and you must understand that having full-time jobs and other commitments it is very hard to find some time off to travel and see them.

They were on their way back to Ireland from their annual holiday and they stopped off in Manchester for some quality family bonding :). And of course to unload all the Hungarian goodies that they have gotten me and J. I have great memories of my childhood in Hungary and quite a lot of them come to alive when I eat some fantastic Hungarian food. So this week (month) I am in for a treat as Mum and Dad have yet to disappoint me with their great goodie choices. The goodie bag includes some plain and spicy kolbasz (smoked sausage), soup, paprika, pasta, pate, piros arany and of course some pilota biscuits. I have already eaten a few of those bad boys with my morning cuppa. WIN all around. These may not be to everyone’s taste but I absolutely love all of them and I am grateful that my parents brought me some.

Hungarian food.jpg

So after I have packed away my goodies we decided to go for a meal, and what better place than Revs de Cuba. My heart will alway love this place deep down and it is nice to pop in from time to time. Our food was amazing, this place is yet to disappoint me to be fair. J is a good chef and his team has done extremely well.again. 🙂

I went for my all-time favourite, a burrito – and this time, I picked a pulled pork one. If you are unsure what a burrito is, it is a large tortilla wrap, in this case, filled with a pineapple glazed pulled pork, red and yellow peppers, refried beans, guacamole, soured cream and some rice. I absolutely love this – maybe because it is a carb overload. Cannot say no to some carbs 🙂 and of course soured cream- YUMM. Daddy had the – Cubano sandwich which has pickles, mustard, pork, ham and cheese in Cuban style baguette with some fries. Mum went for the lime and chilli salmon steak which was served with some giant couscous and roasted veggies. Oh let me tell you all of the meals were prepared to perfection and we loved it. AND of course we could not resist a cheeky Churros cheesecake at the end, with some fresh strawberries and in-house made rum caramel sauce.

We all had a fantastic time and as I have said earlier this place is yet to disappoint me.

Revolucion de cuba

If you live in the UK I recommend going down to one of the bars near you to try their food, their cocktails and to experience Cuban style dining – oh and there is always live music in the bars.

Overall I had a lovely few hours with the parents and I cannot wait to see them again. They have gone home now and I need to catch up on some well-earned ‘beauty’ sleep before I head to the gym with J later.

Have a lovely weekend!


Fil x


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Let me know what you have been up to this weekend. 

Have you ever been to Hungary? How did you like it? 

Pancake Tuesday

Oh I do love me some pancakes once in a while… Oh boy and I do believe this pancake Tuesday we have come to the conclusion that Fil has found her forte haha I made some gorgeous pancakes. 

We used a very simple recipe I found online. I think it was a Jamie Oliver one but I am not a 100% sure. Maybe all of them are simple but this one was:

  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 egg. 
  • pinch of salt.

And then all I did was mix these up and whisk it with just a normal hand whisk. You can use the electric ones but I didn’t and the pancakes were yummie. 

These make more traditional american ‘breakfast’ style pancakes rather than my normal french thin crepes but honestly I started liking these more (for the past few days I made some everyday because they are so so simple).

You can do so many different toppings and flavours!! The ones I used were:

  • strawberries
  • coconut
  • cinnamon
  • chocolate chip
  • honey
  • lemon juice
  • banana
  • cream

I made the big batch and the took portions of it into another bowl and mashed bananas in one, added coconut to another etc. I really enjoyed adding the coconut and chocolate chip to the batter then topping it with strawberries and cream. YUMMIE..

Honestly you can make ‘pancakes’ from anything. I’m going to substitute the flour with other things the next time we make some as I want to make them as healthy as possible. There are a few ideas I read about and just thought about, such as using mashed bananas as a base with an egg and some milk, using oats instead of flour, using a protein powder instead of the flour is something I may try as well for an ‘after workout’ meal. Also I have read that if you mix oats (simple porridge ones) with some Greek yoghurt and leave it in the fridge over night then add the egg in the morning and fry it, it also makes lovely breaksfast which sounds super yummie to me and filling. I love porridge for breakfast with cinnamon and apples so I will certainly try the oat pancakes.

Please scroll down and look at my instagram pictures on the left side of this page to see my creations. I was rather impressed with the outcome 🙂

Until next year, (who am I kidding??I’m eating some coconut pancakes I type.. ❤ ) 

Fil, x