Blogmas 2016- Christmas stocking fillers for HIM

Hey guys!

I do apologise for being a bit quiet in the past few days.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I had my Christmas works do at the weekend. It was such a great few days, but we had to go back to work on Monday and I was absolutely exhausted these past few days. I wanted to make sure that my posts stay enjoyable for you guys and due to the activities and daily routine we had, I was unable to write something that I would have enjoyed reading myself. I also wrote a few posts from home, edited them in the hotel and then when I logged in at home again they were all gone. GRRR

BUT I am back to Blogmas and I am excited to be writing this for you guys. I really do like buying gifts, and since I have J in my life, I did spend a lot of the past few weeks searching for stocking fillers. These few are the ones I think will be great gifts for your male friends and loved ones.


1.Aftershave- Who doesn’t like smelling nice right? All men love aftershave just as much as we ladies love perfumes. There are SO many fragrances out there these days. Diesel, Calvin Klein, Paco Rabbane, Hugo Boss, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier ones are my favourite. It is relly easy for me to pick a fragrance for a guy as its easier for me to pick what I like amongst male fragrances. Not the case in ladies, but that’s a whole other post haha

2.Beard oil kit- Beards are such a massive craze these days aren’t they? A well groomed, cleaned and oiled beard is so attractive for me! I love all the beard oils that J has, and I am sure if you know someone that has a beard, they will love a starter kit or a more professional grooming balm etc. I quite like to shop online for these, as there are way more varieties than in the shops.

3.Scarves- Now this goes with the above, beard kit I think. IF the guy you are buying a gift for, DOESN’T have a beard I recommend getting them a scarf. Now a scarf can be the main present if you go designer, but also act as a stocking filler if you get one from a high street. If you are buying for you BF this is a great idea, as they cannot complain at you for being cold when you drag them shopping or the Christmas markets. WINWIN

4.Personalised mugs or keyrings- I think if you get someone a personalised present, it shows them that you have put in a lot of work and thought. All dads love a good mug and you can’t go wrong by getting them something with a family photo, favourite car or favourite football team on it. It’s the same with a keyring, as I think it is a lovely touch especially if your family expanded in 2016.

5.Books- Now not everyone likes to read, so make sure that the person you are getting a book for does. J wouldn’t particularly enjoy reading romantic novels, but you all know he is a chef so a cookbook is a great stocking filler for him. Autobiographies are another great idea as you can find one on most celebrities, footballers, historians etc. I love a good autobiography me. A lovely note on the first page or even an autograph from the author would be an awesome gift for anyone.

6. Alcohol- I live in the UK. Need I say more? Everyone loves the freedom of ‘spirits’ during Christmas. Ha! There are so many little boozy gift packages that you could buy someone. I think these are ideal for secret Santa presents, as long as you make sure not to get Bailey’s for the person that’s lactose intolerant. I’ve so so many gift boxes in SAinsbury’s recently. They are extremely fairly priced as well. It’s a perfect gift for someone you cannot but anything too personal for.

These are a few of the ideas that I have come across in my search for J’s stocking fillers. I also like the idea of a photo album, pocket drinking games or other silly novelty gifts. You can find tonnes of them on Asos or on Notonthehighstreet.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and I am back to the swing of things so I shall be back with a post tomorrow, the whole way through to Christmas.


Fil, x


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