Blogmas 2016-Stocking fillers for her

Hey guys!

I hope you have been enjoying your December so far. Have you been following me during Blogmas?

Today I will share with you what I think are great stocking fillers this year. Whether you are stuck for secret Santa present ideas, or have another few little gifts that you have to get, I am sure you will find these useful.



1.Lush products– Most girls and women love pamper themselves, and what better way to do it than Lush? I love a relaxing bath, therefore I recommend their bathbombs. They have so many great products though from bath bombs to shower gels, to hair dyes and fizzy bars etc. I love that everything is handmade and organic, therefore it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. You can never go wrong by getting someone a Lush product.

2.Chocolate– Every girl likes chocolate sometimes. I am sure you will find a lovely festive box that you can add to their stockings and which will make them happy. I absolutely love Raffaello and Toffifee. YUM I personally don’t normally eat chocolate during the year, but I do love it in December.

3. Candles– Every girl I know loves candles, and will be happy to add to their collection. I personally love Yankee candles, but I would really like to get hold of some Bath and Bodyworks ones as the reviews are awesome. Yankee does little gift sets, and they have candles of all sizes. The only problem you will face is picking the best scent as they are all amazing at this time of the year.

4.Vouchers– I always thought these are such great gifts for someone who you are not entire sure what to buy for. Even the pickiest of the pickiest girls will have a favourite shop, and I would be surprised If they wouldn’t offer gift vouchers or gift cards. This is a great idea to get, as it lets the girls pick what they REALLY want. A girl can never say no to some free gifts.

5.Books- I personally love reading and prefer actual books over iBooks or kindle. I find that the best books are the ones in a sequel as I always want to read more about the story than what you can fit into one book. You know what I mean? As you may already know I love Harry Potter and the new illustrated books are amazing. Might be a bit big for a sticking, but definitely an awesome secret Santa present for a Potter head. hey are just beautiful. ( It is on my wishlist this year, which you can read here.)

6. Personalised gifts– This is a lovely touch and can be made into your main gift too, depending on what you purchase. I think little personalised jewellery, mugs, picture frames or wall signs are great gifts. Print out their favourite quote and grab a beautiful frame and you are done. I love this idea, as I think pictures and quotes make every room look much more homely and cosy.

Hopefully these items give you some inspiration if you’re stuck for stocking filler ideas. 

Make sure to follow the blog to see my other Christmas inspired blooms posts.


Fil, x


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