Blogmas 2016- My favourite Christmas movies

Hey guys!

Welcome back to Blogmas!

Today I’m going to share with you the movies that I love watching during the Christmas holidays. I actually cannot get bored of these even though I have watched most of them over and over again. 

Blogmas2016- My favourite Christmas movies-2.png

1.Harry Potter- I love watching the movies back to back during the year, but watching it with family while drinking hot chocolate is just a little more special. I am not going to lie and tell you that I used to watch HP every single day for quite a few years actually. OOPS. I just had it in the background during studies, or actually was willing to watch one of them just before bed. Much better than something super scary that will keep me awake eh?

2.Home Alone-Definitely a Christmas classic in every household. I am yet to meet someone who does not enjoy watching this. I don’t think I need to explain what happens. If you have not watched this yet you MUST watch it NOW!

3.Nightmare Before Christmas- What a fantastic movie. I love everything about Tim Burton’s creations. It amazes me to think that it is 23 year old this year. Lots of great things were born in ’93 (including me :D) This is another must in our house. Christmas would not be the same if I don’t watch this.

4.Polar Express- I am not going to lie I did not like this movie at first. It was just a bit too much for me. However, over the years I started loving it. I can’t wait to watch it in a few weeks. Another one for the kids really, but I am an adult and I enjoy watching it too.

5. Arthur Christmas- You can tell I mostly cherish the movies I watched as a child as they bring me back the best memories. This is relatively new, it was released in 2011. For me, this is a great movie to watch with children or the younger family members. It’s just so happy and funny. I love it and I’m sure I’ll get the DVD out soon. This is one of the ‘get in the mood’ type of movies for me- certainly gets me in the Christmas spirit.

6. Love Actually- This is a bit more of a love story kinda movie that you don’t necessarily have to watch at Christmas, but it is always on one of the channels. It’s another feel good movie and shows a lot of different storylines.

So these are MUST watch movies of every Christmas. I have a lot of others that I enjoy watching, but without these, I would not feel complete. I would love to see what movies you enjoy watching during Christmas. Please leave them in the comments so I can watch something a little different this year.


Fil x


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