Blogmas 2016- Winter skincare routine

Hey guys!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s skin needs an extra bit of TLC in the winter months. I have a dry t-zone which is a little harder to control when it’s so cold outside.

I have a few products that I’ve found work really well for me, and I thought I’ll share those with you today.

Blogmas 2016- My Skincare Routine.png

I was definitely the lazy type, and hold my hand up as I NEVER used to wash my makeup off before bed. It went so far sometimes that I didn’t even remove it in the morning and just reapplied it (GRIM) . However, by setting up an evening skincare routine, I’ve encouraged myself to AT LEAST take my makeup off before bed. (I still fall asleep on the sofa sometimes but that’s okay, right?) I like using these Nivea makeup wipes to remove the majority of my makeup, and tend to use these if I had heavy eye makeup on. I usually pick one up in the sale for £1 or £1.50 and they are my all time favourite wipes as they don’t have a strong scent. I can’t deal with really strong smelling wipes around my face. Yuck HOWEVER my all time favourite cleanser is the Garnier micellar cleansing water. OH MY DAYS this thing is great!! I use the combination of wipes and this water in my daily routine. LOVE THEM.

Alongside the above I also use the L’Oreal extraordinary oil facial cleanser, mostly in the shower. This has improved the dryness of my skin so much! It is helping me feel hydrated, and finally after a long shower my skin feels proper soft, rather than really dry.

It’s very important for me to keep my skin thoroughly moisturised all year around. I’ve used so many different moisturisers over the past few years, but the Garnier Moisture+ – Moisture and Nourish face moisturiser. This is the greatest product I have ever used. I literally only need a pea size for my whole face. I only recommend this to you if your have dry skin as this is super oily and would not be suitable for oily skin at all. It is an instant fix for my dry nose and I like to use it at night before bed, so it is all soaked into my skin for the morning.

I also have issues with my makeup being blotchy around my t-zone by the end of the day, so I definitely need to use a good primer. I haven’t tried many drug store primers to be fair but the ones that I have tried did not seem to do a great deal for me. The primer that I use religiously now is the Nivea Daily Essentials– express hydrating primer. This stuff is great and makes my skin feel silky before applying my foundation.

I make sure that I use at least one facemask a week but mostly mask twice a week in the winter months. I quite like my Superdrug face masks actually, but recently I have a tried a few full face sheet masks. Those things are amazing and make my skin feel hydrated and super soft for absolutely, ages.

Another good tip for dry skin is to make sure that you drink plenty of fluids. During winter I seem to drink much less water which affects my skin SO MUCH, so recently I have been making myself lots of herbal tea to keep up the fluid levels. If you are like me and find it that you drink less water when it is cold outside, here’s a tip: grab yourself a refillable plastic water bottle from Hydratem8 which actually have a tracker on the side, so you can make sure that you drink enough water in the day. Or you can be cheap like me too, and just use a sharpie on a normal water bottle. Might feel like that you are forcing water down your throat for a few days, but trust me it can only do you good.

These are my little winter skincare tips, and I am sure my skin would break out and crumble off my face if I didn’t cleanse or moisturise it this often. I keep it quite simple for now, but I am on a hunt for a good night cream that doesn’t smell like roses but is good for you… Good luck to me, eh? I probably should get the wrinkle creams bought soon too.

What are your go-to skincare products in the winter?


Fil, x



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