Blogmas 2016- Christmas gifts for my puppy

Hey guys!

Happy Blogmas 🙂

You may already know that we have an adorable French Bulldog. His name is Archie, and you can read more about him here, and check out my Instagram for his silliness.

Today I will show you what this little-spoilt man is getting for Christmas from his awesome Mummy and Daddy !


We truly treat Archie like a child, which I believe is completely fine. Don’t get me wrong we make sure he eats correctly and does not get human food. He gets the best of the best when it comes to food, shampoo, treats and even accessories. We want him to be healthy and happy and I wouldn’t be complaining if I was him!

So this is our second Christmas owning a dog, and we have planned his presents in advance. He certainly does not understand the difference between the days but he will appreciate his new bits and bobs I am sure.

So this year ‘Santa’ has already got him a jumper, to keep his little bum warm as he is the type of dog that sits and looks at you when you let him out to the toilet. I literally have to carry him to the garden and wait there in the cold while he does his business. If I don’t, stubborn as Frenchies are he WILL NOT go to the toilet at all. I don’t want him to have issues so I am happy to do it. (most of the times). He doesn’t seem to mind wearing clothes, and it’s only once in a while he ever does anyway. He also got an advent calendar this year, which is going down a treat. 🙂

We also got him this shampoo from ScruffyChops. OMG! it is the best thing ever. It smells so lovely and I can’t wait to  bathe him in it so he smells like rhubarb and custard haha. On the plus side, it is all natural and vegan too. Great name too!

Our favourite treats to give him are the Pooch and Mutt as it is all natural and reduces his wind. If you are a Frenchie owner or have spent time around one, you KNOW how windy they are. Archie is like a little fart machine and boy they are like pockets of death. NO KIDDING! These are great and a perfect size for training your puppy too. We got him another few boxes.

The only things Archie seems to chew are beds so we will get him some new blankets to keep him warm. He gets himself all wrapped up at night and just sits there looking very happy.

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Fil x


Do you buy presents for your pets for Christmas? What did you get them? Leave your link in the comments so I can check it out



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