Blogmas 2016- What’s in my bag Christmas edition

Hey guys!!

Welcome back to Blogmas !

I thought today I will show you what I carry around in my bag in the winter months. When it comes to the cold, wet and miserable (but lovely) winter months, I make sure to have some of my essentials in my bag.

My current bag is a two tones, black and brown faux leather over the shoulder type bag. It has two zipped compartments, and it is really spacious. I love it, as it matches most of my winter boots and coats.


Let’s see what we have in there:

1.Makeup bag– I am definitely one of those girls that carries way too much makeup with her every day. The thing is I HARDLY ever even get my makeup bag out of my handbag. Perhaps more often during nights out and special occasions. I won’t go into much detail about what is actually in my makeup bag as that would be a whole post on its own- YES that is how much I manage to squash in there.

2.Perfume(s)– This is another essential on a busy day, and I am one of those people that cn never smell her own perfume. This is the reason why I carry a bottle, or two with me every day. Cheaper ones are the ones I place in my bag as I don’t want my more expensive ones to break or get used up fast.

3. Gloves– These are a must in this weather. I drive pretty much everywhere, and my poor old Molly does not have the capacity to heat herself up fast enough so I definitely need gloves in the mornings.

4. Purse– Need I say more? I need this by my side constantly. This one J kindly bought for me for my birthday 2 years ago, and it matches a pair of heels I have. It is an Iron fist one, but I am not sure if you can still buy it. I love the design, and there is loads of space for cards and a zipper for change. It is just perfect for me ! He did well!

5. Notebook– My little planner is another essential item in my bag. It’s great for gift planning, blog post planning and just general things I need to quickly write down. YES I know I have a phone but I like writing my ideas down onto paper, and rather not spend that extra time staring at my phone. Old-school right?

6. Random bits and bobs– yes I have some Bovril in here. I love this stuff, and its SW friendly so hell yeah! I also carry around a hairbrush, my phone, pens, card holder, keys and some Hifi bars for a quick snack.

I hope you enjoyed looking into my bag this winter. I carry around way too much unnecessary stuff, but oh well.


Fil, x



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