Blogmas 2016- My Christmas Wish List

Hey guys!

Welcome to Blogmas! This is my first full year of blogging and I thought I will end a great year by doing Blogmas. (If you don’t already know, Blogmas is very similar to Vlogmas on youtube, where you post once a day for the first 25 days of December). Now I am aiming to complete Blogmas with 25 great Christmas themed blog posts. I am nervous but also excited about it as I have LOADS of ideas to share.

my blogmas chrsitmas wish list filsjourney.jpg

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Rightio, what better way to start Blogmas, than with my Christmas wish list. Please don’t get me wrong I do not want all of these items, however, I would thank Santa a LOT if he stuck a few of them under the tree. I think I can be quite difficult to buy gifts for, because whenever I fall in love with something I just go out and buy it myself. On the other hand, I like buying things for my loved ones. I love seeing their faces when they open presents.

BUT back to my list then shall we?

1. Kat Von D- Lock it tattoo foundation– Since KVD products came to the UK I have been itching to go online and grab myself this beauty. I know I will struggle with picking the right shade, but I think I am either Light 45 or Light 47. But then again I may be medium so we shall see. I am not 100% sure if the Debenhams near me have a stand or is it still only in London. I will let you guys know. RRP £27

2.Tarte Cosmetics- Swamp Queen Palette – Now I have been watching Bunny’s videos from pretty much the start. When she brought this out, I knew I had to get one, however, they sold out super quickly. Lucky for me, they are back on sale which means if Santa doesn’t I WILL buy it for sure. Make sure to check it out! It’s amazing. RRP £33

3. Urban decay- All-nighter setting spray– This has been around for a while, but I never thought that it was an important part of my daily/evening routine. HOWEVER I tried it once in Debenhams a few months back, and oh my days it made my makeup stay on my face for so long that I have to admit that I have fallen in love with a plastic spray bottle. GREAT. No, but seriously this stuff is great, and I need one in my life ASAP. at the RRP of £22 its a bit expensive but it is like magic water. Magic water is worth £22 right?

4.Last year J bought me the new illustrated Harry Potter book. I LOVE the work J.K. Rowling and Jim Kay did. This a beautiful book and I cannot wait to read it to my kids in a good few years as a bedtime story. #mumgoals. The Chamber of Secrets have also been released earlier this year, and I would really like to collect these the way I have collected the original books. I think they cost about £15/£20 which is a bargain as they are truly beautiful. It would be a fantastic gift for a younger family member or a hardcore Potter head like myself.

5. Now this is an expensive one, and this is something we may gift to each other and share with J. I am in need of a faster and more reliable laptop, and since he is an Apple head, we are thinking of getting the new MacBook pro with the digital touch. If you have not seen this already go check it out ts absolutely amazing! Modern technology at it’s best! We would probably just get on pay by month so the payments sort of go unnoticed, especially divided into two. (£40/£50 pp). If we were to get one it would have to be picked by me, so the 13 inch, space grey with the biggest memory of course. BEAUTY!

5. A nice set of jammies, mulled wine on the sofa and Christmas films while relaxing and not worrying about work- This is something I am most looking forward to.

So, guys, that is my Christmas wish list this year. What is on your list? Please share your posts below if you are also doing Blogmas so I can follow you along. If you have any questions for my QandA, leave them below too.

Happy happy holidays to you all ♥


Fil, x


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