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Glossybox Review- October 2016- Estee Lalonde

Hey guys!

YESS it is that time again, Glossybox review time.

I have read a few of the sneak peaks this month and I was so excited to finally get my box. Unfortunately once again no-one was home so I had to pick it up from my local parcel collection office, which has the WORST opening times. Anywho I have it now and I am one happy chappy this month.

May I just say this months’ box smelled extremely lovely when I opened it and made me excited for the content even more. I quickly realised that we actually got 6 products this month as well, which just added to my excitement.

filsjourney glossybox october 2016 review haul blogger.jpg

Let’s see what we got :

The mysterious shampoo: Now initially this was a secret product, that we were told to try out before the item gets revealed. (it has been revealed in emails, therefore I can tell you that the product is of course Head and Shoulders.) I didn’t actually try the product before the reveal, but the smell sort of gave it away I think. One issue with head and shoulders is that it is not the best for coloured hair, especially if that is a funky/crazy colour. However, I am going to give it a go as I have not used head and shoulders for over 6 years due to the above issue.


1.We received another Bee Good product which I am so excited about. A few months ago we got their firming moisturiser which I loved. My review of that is here. I am so excited to try this one and I am sure I will love it just as much. This time we got their Honey and Camelina Facial Exfoliator which smells great and promises to be gentle to all skin types. I love these types of creamy exfoliators, and this one is full of great ingredients and no nasty chemicals. We actually got the full-size product which would normally cost £10.50.

2. During the winter my skin needs just a bit of extra love, and moisturising, therefore I was happy to find another body cream in this months box. I have never heard of the brand ‘Rituals’ before, but immediately I fell in love with their ‘The Rituals of Sakura Body Cream’. I honestly cannot believe how good it smells. It is absolutely amazing and feels like silk on your skin. I will DEFINITELY repurchase, even though it costs £19.50 for the full-size product. So worth it- one of my favourite products so far from Glossybox.


3. Another brand which I have not used, or heard about is Trifle Cosmetics. I love the fact we receive so many organic, environment-friendly and gentle products from Glossybox every single month. The Lip Parfait- Buttery Lip Cream is another example of a great product. It is full of good ingredients, vitamin E, it’s hypoallergenic, vegan and has no parabens or nasty chemicals. I simply love it, the colour is a lovely baby pink which feels so soft on your lips. I love the texture, the ingredients and the smell!!. It retails at £12.95 which is quite expensive, but you are getting a really really good product. Check out the website they have lots more stuff.

4.PS…Pro Longwear Lipliner- As you probably already know, the PS..Pro is a Primark make-up product. I am unable to leave a link as Primark doesn’t really have a website, but I am sure you can find these lipliners in every store. I’ve not tried it on my lips, I have only swatched it on the back of my hands, but let me tell you it really stays put. I don’t mind the make-up from Primark, and one of my favourite lip liners (which I use all over my lips) is from there and cost me a whole £1. Don’t get me wrong it is not the best, but its priced fair and I like it. This Lipliner is priced at only £3. (also if you are a fan of a bit of extreme eye makeup I recommend using this as eyeliner too, especially as its Halloween time)

.5.We recently received a lip/ cheek tint a few months ago. I’ve heard that this month we are receiving another product like that, which at the start bothered me, however when I opened the box I realised this is completely different. We received the Universal Beauty Cosmetics- Secret Flush, Soothing Cream blusher & Lip Stain Duo. Name and a half that is! I’ve got colour #4-Nectar, which is a great colour for autumn, as it is a little deeper and more red than pink. You can use this as a blusher, or just a tint, all over your lips on its own, or adding it to another lip product to deepen the colour. I would even use it as a base eyeshadow, possibly under something glittery to use as a primer to let the glitter stick. tHeres just so many options. Once again the scent of this is great, and it is also a full-size product. RRP of $20 or £15 it’s not the cheapest product out there but it certainly is versatile.

That is it for this month, and I am really impressed Glossybox! You have done so well. I cannot get over the fact that all of the products picked by Estee Lalonde smell amazing! I want more products like these in the future. Fil approves !

Thanks for reading


Fil x

What did you think of this month’s goodies? Have you signed up to Glossybox yet? Leave your reviews below so I can read your opinions. 


Gingerbread Halloween Cupcakes

Hey guys!

As you may already know I absolutely love autumn, and it’s October which means it’s HALLOWEEN time 🙂 I am a fan of Halloween and I used to love getting dressed up and get extra sweeties than normal – not a massive fan of dressing up these days anymore. (age has gotten to me) but sweeties are welcome!


Since I still love the celebrations, and the pumpkin spiced lattes and decorations, I thought I will bake some cupcakes this year. J is the chef in our house, therefore I am not the bestest of cooks- maybe I need to practice more, but when a chef offers to make dinner I ain’t gonna say no 🙂 That would be silly!

Pinterest is your best friend in situations like this, therefore it was pretty easy to find a recipe that I can follow.

I simply picked the one that seemed easiest with a not too complicated ingredient list.

This is the recipe that I followed: Gingerbread muffins. Instead of purchasing all the spices on the list, I have bought a spice mix which is ideal for baking as it had cinnamon and ginger in it. I think the cupcakes tasted really nice and I was rather impressed with myself. (I also doubled the amount just to leave extras in case I mess it up a bit)

I did try to film my baking, but it did not turn out well, therefore its only pictures this time. I will make it much better the next time I get my pans dirty.


Fil x

What did you think of these cupcakes? Let me know if you make them, and leave the link below so I can see some pictures- also anyone has some similar gingerbread dessert recipes also point them my way.


Primark haul- autumn, homewear and more

Hey guys !

I have been wanting to go to Primark for a few weeks now. I have seen so many haul videos and blogposts recently and I really wanted to check out the new homeware stuff. 

So when I woke up early on Sunday, I knew it was a sign- Primark wants you Fil- let’s go. So I did, and a few bags later here I am with all the goodies that tI have picked up. I do think that Primark did improve their quality, and the new pricing represents that. I always associated Primark more on the cheap side, really good for underwear and silly tops and pjs, but that has changed a lot I think. I mean there still are an odd few pieces of clothing that make you think – REALLY?, but overall I have seen a lot of pretty things this time.

Right, onto the things I have bought. Now I am sorry but since Primark doesn’t have a ‘proper’ website, no links will be available, but I will include the prices of the item.


First of all, since I am an adult and no longer a child, I really needed to invest into some proper pyjamas. By proper I mean flannel styled pjs without cartoon characters on them. So I picked up two sets, one for the festive season (so when we stay over at J’s mums for Christmas I don’t look like an oversized baby in my onesie, or Harry Potter fluffy set) and one to wear in colder months (straight away). They were £8 each and are so so soft that I cannot wait to buy some more. I am truly impressed with the quality Primark- well done.

I needed some more high waisted jeans since I have used my normal ones for work and I enjoy wearing high waisted ones better. I picked up a simple black one, for also £8. You cannot go wrong with these, and the blue ones have lasted me for a few months now. The only disadvantage of them are that the blacks seem to wash out pretty easily, but for £7-£8 pounds it really does worth it. I have been wearing Primark jeans for years now and I don’t see the point of buying jeans for £20 if you wear them all the time like I do, as they just get ruined really. Anyway enough about jeans, let’s move on.

It is autumn, and that means it is my favourite time of the year. I really wish I could move around the world and live in Autumn forever- YES I am that weird!. I  love hot chocolate, the colourful leaves, cosy evenings, mulled wine, candles, the smell of rain etc. I, therefore, had to pick up a new scarf. I get my scarfs from Primark because they are cosy, soft and last the season. May not last me for years, but I would get bored of a scarf if I had to use it every year knowing I paid a fortune for it. This little beauty was only £4, but it is so soft, I mean SO SO soft I cannot wait to get Archie out for a walk and get wrapped up in this, put my wellies on and my jacket- PERFECT.

I also picked up this jumper, nothing special, but just a simple black ribbed turtle neck. I like wearing these, as you can just grab a pair of jeans, throw on your jumper and some boots or converse and it is rather casual. OR if you wear a lovely tartan skirt or a mustard coloured one with high heel booties and a belt, some jewellery, turtlenecks can relly be dressed up. Also, it was only £6.


I was so excited to check out the bedding section as I have seen so many lovely piccies on Instagram and Pinterest. I really wanted to make our bedroom cosier, and less orange – just a wee insight, orange used to be my favourite colour, therefore all my bedding is orange. So I really needed to get rid of them, as it just made the room look too ‘loud’- not the feeling you want before bed. So I picked up this double duvet set (£11) and a few cushions to match, as you cannot get enough cushions, right? the large cream square cushions were £6 for two, the rectangular grey ones were £4 each and the heart shaped one was £3. Bit of a bargain really, and they will match all the other neutral beddings that we have. I am very impressed and adding a few candles to the bedside tables absolutely transformed our room and made it look more spacious and tidy. LOVE it.

This is everything I got, I am truly impressed and thinking about it, I really did not spend an awful lot. 

Until next time,


Fil, x

What did you guys think of the haul? Have you been to Primark recently? Do you think it improved- leave a comment.

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