Benefit KAbrow cream eyebrow gel- Is it worth the hype?

Hey guys,

I’m sure you all have heard of the new Benefit brow collection. I am a sucker recently for perfect eyebrows and when I have read all the positive reviews I had to grab one for myself. Now they have a LOT of varieties in their collection to suit everyone. I have really dark and thick natural eyebrows, therefore I wanted to go for the product that is buildable and will be able to give me fuller looking brows. If you like a more natural look, you will find that this Benefit range has a product for you, but the KAbrow is definitely the one for me. It is a cream gel formula, which seems to be the no1 choice these days.


In the world of Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade, I think it is difficult for any brand to try and top that, since it seems to be the go-to product amongst beauty gurus, however after reading the reviews of it drying out fast and crumbling during application I opted for the KAbrow.

What I love the most about the KAbrow is that it is so easy to work with, the formula is great and it just blends so well. I also love the packaging, and that it comes with the perfect little eyebrow brush. All you need to do is flip the handle around and there you have the brush which is great for detail and precision.


Another advantage of the benefit range is that once you get a colour match, you can purchase any other product from the collection in the same shade as they are all matching. My natural hair is a very dark brown, and I dye my hair black so I was looking to get a colour that matches my skin tone that is not too dark. I went for the colour number 5 which is a dark brown colour. The product is buildable and very pigmented therefore I am happy that I went to the Benefit counter to get them to match my colour as otherwise I probably would have picked the darkest shade which would have been a nightmare.

To sum up the above, the top reasons I love the Benefit KA-brow:

  • Great formula – easy to work with
  • Buildable colour- great for everyday and also for nights out and special occassions
  • Includes a brush in the lid – might look small but its great for the fine hair strokes
  • Stays in place without having to use any brow gel

I really find it difficult to find any cons of the KA-brow, however to name some, id say it doesn’t have a huge variety of colours -only 6- and it is priced at £18.50 which is a bit expensive. Saying that, I am very happy that I have finally decided to buy this and I think it will last me a long long time.

Find your perfect match here.

So is it worth the hype? – yes yes yes, I love it.

Fil, x

Do you guys have a favourite eyebrow product? Have you tried the Benefit brow range? Let me know in the comments.


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