Glossybox July 2016

So it is that time of the month again.. 😊

Coming home from a long day at work to this cheeky little box was great. I am truly impressed by the products this month and FINALLY 5 full-size products. Yes! you’ve read that right– FULL-size products. So let’s see the products.

I love all of these products so it’s hard for me to put them in any kind of order. Well, here it goes.

Glossybox July 2016.jpg

The first thing that caught my eye was this little Hairon de-tangling brush. First I thought it was a little small, but then again I have short hair so it shouldn’t really matter for me. My current brush is a tangle teezer as well but it has a handle like a normal hair brush. However saying that I have been loving this little blue magic. It fits great in my make-up bag, therefore I always have one with me for windy days. Priced at £6.99

We also received a hot pink black canvas cosmetics f20 face brush. As you may already know I am not the greatest fan of pink but when it comes to beauty products i really don’t mind. Now let me tell you I am extremely excited to try this brush to apply my foundation as the bristles are just super soft and they look to be a great quality. This is priced at £12.56 which is quite pricey for a single brush but it was technically free for us.

Another beauty product in this months box was the Icona Milano mascara. Now I am certainly well off when it comes to mascara these days. I literally have about 6 on the go. Gotta love a bit of variety don’t we girls and boys. 🙂 It is not as good as my maybelline lash perfection, but it will be great for the lower lashes. It is currently priced at $19 USD about £15.

Next up is another Hawaiian Tropic product- I loved the tan oil in the May Glossybox, therefore I was excited to see what we have received. This month we got the island berry lip gloss– now I absolutely love this. It has enough pigment to use on a daily basis but it is not too intense for work or for just some light lip tint. I use this regularly and the SPF 25 helps in this heat as having dry and chapped lips are awful in the summer (and anytime in the year really). It is priced at £6.00 which is definitely worth it.

ALst, but not least we received the Utan & tone face moisturiser. This is an overnight face tan basically, which is not something that I have tried before. To tell you the truth I have not tried this yet on my face but I have swatched it on my wrist one night and it did come out quite evenly as well as quite dark I think. I will try it out one day when I apply my usual moisturising tan all over. I don’t want to walk around with a tanned head and a white neck and body. However it is too hot for my skin, therefore I have to wait until my allergy clears up. This little tube is priced at £12.50- which is really expensive in my opinion, but if it works then it is something I will consider purchasing it, as when I do decide to tan my face I want to look like ‘just came home from my holidays’ rather than an umpa lumpa.

That’s it for this month and I must say I am truly impressed with Glossybox. I will use every single product and I am sure I will love them all as much as I loved them at first glance.

Let me know if you are a Glossy- wat did you think of this month’s goodies.

Until next time,


Fil x

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