Glossybox June ’16

Hey guys!

First of all sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been so busy in work and literally just went to sleep once I came home. But I am back now with my June Glossybox review.

Since the last few boxes I have started to think that I may cancel my subscription and change to the Birchbox subscription. However I bet as soon as I do the Glossys will up their game and do better goodie boxes. Until then I will stick to this one and find my June review below.


So I get the theme. Summer.. However be realistic, its the UK and its not particularly hot here so I do think the next two items would be more like a holiday essential than an everyday thing. (Or would have been best a few weeks ago when it was hot.. but maybe we have a few days of summer left yet eh? )




First we got a lovely Ladival SPF 15 sun lotion spray. I must say I have not tried this yet so I can’t tell you if it is good or bad, but it states that it is ‘non greasy’ which is good as I absolutely HATE being sticky on the beach and sand getting stuck to you etc. YUCK.  I am hopeful and I’m looking forward to some more sunny days so I can try this. Product is a large size which is good and it retails at £13.50. 





You can’t get suntan lotion without a bit of aftersun. So next we got the Lait apres soleil aftersun lotion. This smells good but again we only used it once when James burnt his toe making tea (don’t ask.. making tea is a dangerous task indeed) I cannot seem to find this cream online therefore I can’t tell you what it really costs. Meh not too keen on this as I’m not going on a sunny holiday – well not yet anyways. 






Thirdly we got a little Origins sample. COMMON Glossy sort it out.. we really don’t need things in such small packages.. (haha) Anyways..This is a lovely product, and it truly makes my skin feel great, AND it smells gorgeous. I may actually repurchase this since I really need a new moisturizer that helps my dry-ish skin. This retails at £24





Now this fourth product I am very excited about. I have seen many make-up videos where girls use these on their faces and in their cleansing routine.  It is the SPA to you natural konjac sponge. You are meant to soak this in water and use it to cleanse your face and then let it dry so you can use it again. Seems to be a great idea, and I cannot wait to try this on my skin. And its only £6.99. If it does what it says on the box(bag) I will love it.



lip laquer


Left the best for last.Sort of. The fifth product is definitely my favourite one of the lot. It is the only actual make up product this month, and it is the Emite lip and cheek tint. This is such a great summer essential and ‘on the go’ quick make-up tool. I love how you can build up the colour especially on the lips. I seem to be reaching for this a lot when I am running late in the morning. It stays on for long and once you have practiced with it a few times you will know how to apply it so it doesn’t go all over your face. This normally costs £12.50.




We also all got a little freebie this month, and mine was the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner. I have just bleached my hair again so this is going to be a great addition to my hair repair routine. 🙂 This is £4.99 for the full size or probably around a pound for this size.



So this is it for June. I wasn’t keen on a few of the products however if you are planning a holiday or are in a warm country this is a great Summer essential package. I do love the products and I might just have to book something away for myself and J just so I can use these. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Fil x

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? leave your reviews below.


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