Fragrance direct haul!! 💄

Hey guys!

So today I will review the items I picked up from fragrance direct. I have never bought anything from them before but one of the other bloggers (cannot for the life of me remember who 😣) has posted about them on beauty bloggers corner 🙂 – also if you haven’t already joined the FB page make sure you do it is really great!

Basically I am a sucker for sites like this as I love getting my hands on a few bargains. Especially beauty finds 😉

I recommend fragrance direct as they seem to have original products but SOOO much cheaper. I would describe them as the online store for products that are not on the shelves anymore. AND they sell the makeup so much cheaper. Saying that please don’t think that they only sell older products but those they sell at a very low price. Hope this makes sense 😄

fragrance direct main

As mentioned in my everyday makeup blog I ran out my bare minerals warmth therefore needed to replace my bronzer. I have picked up the Maybelline dream sun triple bronzing powder. I have been using this product for a few days now and I absolutely love it. It is actually quite pigmented and I tend to use the two darker shades as a bronzer and the lightest shade for a quick highlight. It last long on the top of my foundation. My only downside of it is the oldschool bronzer smell.. Do you know what I mean? Its not a BAD small but not my ideal scent either 🙂 I will use it though and I truly love it.

Second thing I picked up was the Rimmel apocalips matte lipstick in burning lava. I have not actually had the chance to use this yet but have swatched it and seems lovely. I am a big fan of matte lipsticks and for £1.99 you cannot go wrong. I have also picked up the Maybelline 14 hour superstay lipstick in the colour persistently pink (which seems out of stock now). I have tried this and it is a very nice colour, wouldn’t say it lasts 14 hours but does last a few and its lovely and sparkly – needed some sparkle in the matte world 💄

And then lastly I picked up this eco tools eye enhancing brush set. Now I only really needed a blending brush and actually had this set in my boots basket but since it was £2 pounds cheaper here I had to get it. Brushes are great just need to make sure that I don’t store them upright as I don’t want to ruin the hairs – since they are double sided. I think it will be great to travel with as I only need the 2 brushes rather than 4 !

So these are the newbies I picked up from fragrance direct and I am extremely happy with both the quality and the price (more the price than anything really) #bargains

I hope you enjoyed this blog, please comment below your favourite sites to buy makeup cheaper. I am excited to find more websites like this.

I will soon do another makeup look post. What would you like to see?


Fil x




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