Everyday makeup look

Hi guys!

Today I will show you my go to makeup look. I don’t leave too much time in the mornings for makeup therefore this is rather quick and simple. It changes a little everyday but I have been doing this look the last few days. 

Please click on the product name and it will take you over to the website where you can buy it for yourself if you wish 🙂

Let me know what you guys think and please link me to your posts about makeup looks. I am looking forward to doing more of these at it was fun. Possibly going to do an evening look soon?! What do you guys think?

So firstly the primer: I have quite dry skin around and on my nose and makeup used to just look like a dried out cupcake after a few hours so I really needed to invest into a good primer. I have used a few primers but nothing quite like this one.  I highly recommend the nivea primer, it absorbs pretty much instantly and the makeup does’t stick to it but glides on over it and it actually helps my dry skin a lot. I am in love with this and would highly recommend 🙂


To the base: I have a new favourite foundation, which is the Rimmel lasting finish foundation in colour 100 ivory. I wanted a liquid foundation for a while so a few weeks back I did a LOT (genuinely days) of research and I found that this Rimmel one was a very highly recommended ‘drug store’ makeup for dry skin. They were not wrong. I really like how i can easily build it up and that by using a beauty blender. I use this sponge either wet or dry. I love it either way and find that using it wet makes it easier to build up, therefore I tend to use it wet when I am going out or want the makeup to look more HD 🙂 (I may also be too lazy to get up once I sat down in the mornings to actually go and dampen that thing haha).

I actually don’t have a setting powder as such, but quickly swirl my face around with my all time favourite foundation and makeup best friend : Bare Minerals Original foundation in fairly light. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bare minerals foundation. It can be full coverage if you wanted it to be however it never looks super HD and cakey and just overall natural. It is great for my skin and even though it is a powder it didn’t seem to look crumbly on my dry zones. I just love it and one pot lasts me around 6 months with applying daily. I just wanted to try a liquid foundation as well to make my skin look even more flawless. So yeah i use my bare minerals as a sort of setting powder on top of one layer of the rimmel foundation and it makes my makeup last ages. 

I tend not to contour on a daily bases but use my bronzer and blusher as a quick contour. I use my bare minerals warmth and have done since I received it in my first bare minerals kit. I LOVE this however do not put it all over your face like it says on the box. You would look like a right umpalumpa and that ain’t pretty girls!! I am however running out and decided to purchase a few other lighter bronzers instead of a repurchase. (Post will be up soon) I do conceal mostly under my eyes. I have two concealers I like using but my favourite one is the collection concealer. This works wonders, it is extremely thick so use only a little as it goes a long way. I recommend setting it under the eye with a light or translucent powder just to stop it from creasing. 

I always do a sort of eye makeup as I wear glasses and feel that I need to do so otherwise my eyes look really small behind the lenses. I have been using this Collection palette for absolutely ages. It is so pigmented and lasts ages on the eyes. I recommend using your fingers or a good quality brush (I use and own a lot of real techniques brushes) to reduce fallout, or to do the eye makeup before you do the foundation. I haven’t mastered that step yet as I like getting foundation all over my face, but I am working on my routine as we speak 🙂

Depending on time and how sunny it is I also like adding eyeliner and I have been using this for years, and I love it. I have got many of the colours and change it up daily, but my go to are the brown and the black liners. The mascara I have been using and absolutely LOVING is the Maybelline lash sensational in the colour black. This thing is amazing. I LOVE mascara purely because it makes my eyes look more open and bigger especially behind my glasses. I’ve had issues in the past of using mascaras that make my lashes longer however they have been rubbing off on my glasses lenses and were a nightmare after three blinks. But not this, this makes them thicker, longer and curved so they are just amazing. OH I love this girls and boys and PLEASE give it a go you will not regret it. 

To finish off my daily look I sometimes wear lipstick, or just colour my lip in with one of my lip liners. MY favourite ones are the Primark ones believe it or not. I have got a collection since my last Primark visit. Please go and read my haul here.

Sorry for a long post but I love doing this. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you want me to post similar blogs or if you would like me to do makeup tutorials. 


Fil x

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