Primark Haul


So after about a year or so I finally decided to go to Primark again.. I have forgotten how much I actually liked Primark.

I got a mixture of things and have spent a fair bit but I love all the things I have picked up.

Firstly the clothes. I actually quite like clothes from Primark, the quality is acceptable and the price is great. I mostly like their underwear as it is inexpensive and it seems to fit me perfectly. Ladies with large busts may not be able to find bras that fit comfortably in Primark but I can always find beautiful ones in my size. I also usually by my tights from here as 3 pairs cost about £3.5 and it actually lasts quite a while. Right so what did I buy?:

It is getting a little warmer but still not often warm enough for a tshirt, however I didn’t own any light material jumpers. I recently bought some brown boots and really wanted to wear them but most of my clothes are black and all of my tshirts are band tees so it just did not go together. Maybe its just a good excuse to buy something…. who knows 🙂

Right so I picked up a lovely Vneck brown long sleeve jumper for around £8. I absolutely love the material and it held its shape and softness extremely well even after a few washes. Thumbs up Primark. There was another jumper in the sale so I had to pick that up since it was about £4. Gotta love a bargain 🙂 (Primark is THE PLACE for bargains to be fair)

I have seen many pictures and OOTDs on instagram and pinterest of girls wearing some ripped jeans, plain white or black tshirts and a long denim shirt with just some booties. I proper like that casual look so I also picked up a grey denim style long shirt. I have worn this many times as well and the quality is great and ideal for this weather as it is extremely light. It was around £10 which is once again a great price for this item.

Now I am not one for long sleeve A line dresses however I fell in love with this one and for £10 I could not leave it in the shop. I haven’t tried anything on in the shop as I was too warm and didn’t fancy waiting for a free cubicle so I took my chances. As I said this is the first A line dress (well its a straight dress not so much an A line but..) that I have bought and I really really like how it looked on. I wore it on a night out and even though the material seems ‘sweaty’ it was extremely comfortable and breathable. Another thumbs up for this one.

primark tops

I’ve also picked up a pair of my all time favourite stretchy skinny jeans. It was such a hassle to find a pair that I was looking for though. There was a mental amount of different shapes, sizes, length and types. It took me a right while to pick some up but i’m happy with them and I think it was about £7. Can’t go wrong eh?.

I couldn’t go past the underwear section without picking some up, so I got myself some very brightly coloured pants and plain black socks. How exciting!!

Now onto beauty: My all time favourite lip liner is actually my Primark one that I picked up ages ago for £1. I am not kidding it cost me £1 and its matte,stays on for ages and is a great colour. It is also easy to sharpen which is important as you don’t want to be poked in the lip by a sharp wooden pencil bits.. OUCH. SO this time I have picked up all the colours that they had in the range and I absolutely love them all. I have tried them all already and wear them on a daily bases. The deep brown one is so beautiful on and the bright pink is just so summery. I have not tired their foundation or other makeup products but the lip liners are amazing. I also like their fake nails. I currently get acrylic nails so I didn’t pick any up but for again £1 it is such a bargain. I am not one for reusing fake stick on nails, so for these to be £1 they are well worth it. I would recommend using a little more high end nail glue just to make them last longer, but i have done dishes and showered with mine on. (I also carry the glue with me just in case one comes off I can always reapply.) It is more for a night out but also great I think during the weak when you are too lazy to paint your nails or you are taking a break from acrylic but your nails are not good enough for plain polish.

I have so many perfumes that I pick up in next, river island or on sale in the perfume shop. I only have a few that were expensive that I use on special occasions and these other less expensive ones I wouls just use during the day/week. I spray constantly so it is not worth for me to buy expensive perfume as I just literally spray it all over in a week. So when I saw that Primark does perfume I picked up two types. I honestly think they smell great and don.t smell cheap. They are at the two opposite end of the scale which is good as I like mixing up the perfumes I use daily. These were…wait for it… £3.5 each.. OMG what a bargain. I love them and use them all the time and they last ages actually so I find myself praying less. £3.5 is an amazing price.
primark beauty

The last thing I picked up was a little jar candle. Once again it was £1 and I have yet to use it, but I only got it because it is yellow and silver and that matches our colour scheme in the livingroom. (I would love to do a house tour soon).

These are the main bits that I have picked up and I am pleased with all of them. I especially love the shirt, all of the lip liners and the perfumes. I may not wait a year this time to go back.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know if you want me to do more shopping hauls as I go shopping (online mostly) a lot. (I LOVE bargains and sales)

Thanks for reading

Love, Fil x






7 thoughts on “Primark Haul

  1. meinheels

    I wish I could last that long in Primark. I swear to save money they don’t use air conditioning. Most I can spend in there is 15 minutes or so, just enough to get my go to skinnies and basic tops but I’ll look out for some of the things you mentioned.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fils Journey Post author

      Oh I can spend hours in there .. Since everything is £10 or under I always spend so much money too.. 😮 definitely recommend the beauty bits ! So affordable! X


    1. Fils Journey Post author

      They are so affordable! I mean of course I love Yankee and Bath and Bodyworks candles BUT Primark is doing a good job with its home and beauty products recently 🙂 x


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