Glossybox May 2016

After my disappointing April Glossybox I was really (even more than usual) looking forward to the May box.

I decided not do review the April one as I honestly didn’t like it and was really disappointed especially after seeing all the other reviews and realising how different the April box was.. Never-mind.. another month another box and this one deserves a review. .. but without giving away my full thoughts of this months box, lets see what we got:

First of all a lovely little box this time, this is the #selfieandthecity edition. Think I might even use the box for some sort of storage in my makeup corner. Also the little bag of popcorn was a good addition to my diet.. :O

Right onto the products now, which I am very impressed with and will definitely use a lot.


  1. Hairon- zero crease hair tie – I’ve seen these around for a while now and never really understood what they were for until now. I tie my hair up a lot because it is much easier and also because I am less likely to cut it this way as all I want is long hair but then I get bored of waiting and cut it short… Story of my life. These are quite cool though I really like the idea of them not making my hair creased. The only con is the colour as I am not a fan of pink but I suppose I can’t see it really so its okay. SCORE:3/5
  2. Absolute New York- velvet lippie – Does what it says on the box really. It is the same as the collection 2000 cream puff moisturising lip cream. I have tried this product and its okay but i do think it will take some time getting used to the coverage and consistency. The lippie dries matte which is something I prefer and it is an exact match to one of my new lip pencils that I have picked up in Primark. (Haul coming soon) SCORE:3.5/5
  3. Hawaiian Tropic – protective dry oil SPF15 -I am not quite sure what the actual purpose of this is. I understand its has a low level of protection but it is extremely shiny. I think it would be nice to wear as a shiny oil when the sun is shining but would definitely not suit the beach.. oil and sand just doesn’t seem to match very well in my opinion. However the product smells gorgeous and does feel nice on the skin. I use a moisturising tan as I can’t go into the sun too much due to allergies to heat (good job I live in the UK) and I think it complements my tan. So no I dont recommend it as a sun lotion for a few reasons but its nice to rub all over your legs and arms if you wear shorts on a sunny day. SCORE: 4/5
  4. Bee good youth- enhancing plump & firm moisturiser – not quite sure about the effects of this as I have not used it for long enough. I have tried it and its feels nice, smells nice and has a good consistency that doesn’t make my skin sticky or too oily. I’m not sure if it does firm my skin and not 100% sure I will repurchase but it is a nice addition to the box and I do like testing new face products as I don’t currently have a routine as such. SCORE: 3/5
  5. and finally the Revlon mascara- now all of us Glossy girls got an email to go online and pick one of the 5 types of the Revlon mascaras or if not, then a random will be picked. I remember picking mine then getting an email to say pick again. Second time around, the one I wanted was sold out. I don’t mind I think the maximum length that I received will be good too. I am currently in love with the one i am using now so I have not tried this product yet therefore no score today.

Overall I was happy with this months products, definitely an improvement from last months disaster with them fake tattoos and nail drying spray that doesn’t even work. Never-mind we are over that now and I am enjoying this months box. I cannot wait for June, especially as we are supposedly getting some lip/cheek tints.

I definitely recommend singing up for Glossybox especially if you are thinking of expanding your make-up and beauty collections.

Until next month, stay Glossy

Love, Fil x


5 thoughts on “Glossybox May 2016

    1. Fils Journey Post author

      Yeah it really was .. This month was much better .. I do think I shop less online for new products and keep to my already used and loved items as I’ve got glossy box to surprise me monthly .. It’s worth it .. Also thinking about birch box .. That seems good too 🙂 X

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