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Holiday at Faweather Grange

Both J and myself love a small getaway, camping trip or just a long Sunday walk with Archie. This is the reason why I planned a romantic weekend away for his big 30th Birthday. We couldn’t go abroad as I (we) would never leave Archie with anyone else unless absolutely necessary. It is a ‘sacrifice’ we choose to make when we got him and I’m sure I’m right to say that neither of us really would want to leave him anyway.

There are many many beautiful places in the UK and I spent weeks and weeks of researching the perfect place to go. I was so scared that J wouldn’t like the idea, the place and would be disappointed with his present. I had to make it a great one since he is only 30 once right? I knew I wanted somewhere dog friendly (which did make the list much much much smaller), somewhere he has not been before, I wanted a private hot tub an

d a nice area preferably out of the city. Sounds simple right? Well it wasn’t simple at all as there were a lot of places I liked but all exceeding the budget. Unfortunately I cannot afford over £1000 for a few nights and also wouldn’t be willing to pay that much when that could get me far far away from the UK. So here I was sitting on my lovely IKEA couch brainstorming about the above.

I must have opened over 100 webpages about romantic getaways in the UK and I’m not kidding when I say page 99 was the lucky one. I have come across Hoseasons and knew instantly that I will find something on there that will tick all of my ‘boxes’. I was actually surprised how long it took me to find the website in the first place.

When I came across Faweather Grange I was first unsure of the location as it was so close to home and I expected to travel further for a brilliant holiday. I have read pretty much all of the reviews that I could find for these lodges and surprisingly I was still not 100% convinced that this is THE place where I should take James for his birthday. I was concerned that even though he said he doesn’t want a huge party as it would be impossible to get all of his friends into one place at the same time – I probably would have had to book a relatively big venue haha- I still didn’t want him to think ‘oh is that it’. This was my biggest concern as I didn’t want to disappoint him.

So yeah the date was coming closer and I was more and more stressed as the days went on . I HAD to make a decision fast! Everything was getting sold out quickly so I went with what I believed was the best lodge/cottage that I have seen. It had to be Faweather Grange as it seemed to be priced reasonably for what I was looking for. I know i could have paid for a holiday abroad with the price but it wouldn’t have been that special, just a simple hotel and flights AND the constant worry for Archie and how he was behaving.

I must say this was one of the most stressful experiences of my life (the booking part anyways!-I wanted it to be perfect for James) but it was done an all I needed to do was book time off work and make sure James doesn’t find out anything until the day we arrive 🙂

faweather grangeSo Monday morning we packed the car and came to the lodges. And my oh my I was so relieved! I knew instantly that we are going to have a great time!

The lodge was absolutely beautiful, the area was gorgeous and we were so extremely lucky with the weather. (if you are from the UK you know what I mean)- I believe we got the one week that was actually hot in this English summer. We were greeted by very helpful and friendly staff, who came and showed us to our ‘home’ for the next 4 nights. Once we settled in it only took us a few minutes to read all the rules about the hot tub, sauna, pets and local area and quickly we were enjoying our free champagne in our own private hot tub. Honestly couldn’t ask for more.

The next few days we literally did the same, went for a few lovely walks in the area, which was beautiful and then just chilled in the hot tub. Was exactly what we both needed, as we were pretty stressed in our jobs in the past few weeks/months.

If you are planning to go to somewhere relaxing, with great extras I really really do recommend Faweather Grange as it is amazing. We stayed in Serenity 1 and would definitely come again.

Now back to reality… off we go to do the washing, the weekly shop and cleaning. FUN..

Thanks for reading sorry its rather lengthy today. Share your experiences if you’ve stayed here before or any other lovely getaways in the uk. We are confident that we are going to go to many other places even just for the weekend 🙂



Love, Fil x