Glossybox March 2016/2

Hi guys!

So this has taken me a while to write…. 

As you may know I have recently signed up to receive ‘Glossybox’ every month. It is basically a monthly beauty box subscription which costs me £10 but this way I can try new products out (5 new products to be exact) per month 🙂 Could not resist this could I? 

So I have previously reviewed my starter park which you can read by clicking this link: Glossybox March starterpack

Right so the first box I received was just a starter pack to say welcome I suppose. A few days later I have received the actual March Glossybox box which I will review today. I have not used the products as I wanted to write the review first and I also wanted to wait to finish my current products before I try these.

Lets start at the packaging. It was the same as the last time, a lovely little simplistic pink box. Once opened I found the same cute packaging with a bow and wrapping paper. (I suppose it is the same every time) – I really like how simple it is and that I am not paying for fancy packaging, but rather I am paying for new little products which I would not have bought otherwise.

Products received:

  • Luxie – Rose gold large angled face brush 504 ( Luxie 504)
  • Olay – Regenerist skin tone perfecting cream (Olay)
  • Hey Honey – Good morning honey silk facial serum (Hey Honey)
  • -417 – Catharsis vitamin mineral shampoo (-417 shampoo)
  • -417 – Catharsis vitamin mineral shampoo (-417 conditioner)
  • So Susan – Light diffuser (So Susan)


I am very impressed with this box. Please note that apart from the Luxie brush and the So Susan highlighter combo, the products are smaller tester sizes. However if you check the links out above the Glossybox is well worth it even if these are testers, as everything is rather expensive.

I will be testing the shampoo and conditioner later today as I ran out my normal products. I have swatched the So Susan highlighter and bronzer due and I absolutely love it. This product is extremely pigmented which is great size I did think that its a little small if you are to spend £14 on it. it also smells amazing -coconut and cocoa- cannot go wrong with smelling like chocolate all day long can you? 

Once again the other products I’ve yet to try but I have smelled and tested all on the back of my hand and so far so good. I don’t like trying and testing too many products on my skin at once just to reduce breakouts. I will slowly introduce them to my skin care routine though in the next week or two and I am sure I will like both the Hey Honey and the Olay products.

I am like a little girl at Xmas and very giddy to find out what I get in the April box 🙂 

Until next time,

Love, Fil x




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