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Shabby Chic- with Annie Sloan

Hi guys,

We all have or know someone that has an old cabinet or dresser right??

I am no different… When we moved to the new house my colleague gave me his old cabinet that he had in the living room for over 20 years. Now please don’t take me wrong, the cabinet is lovely and would look good in a retro style living room, however as you all know I am an IKEA type girl and I like white things… So after getting a lot of ‘hate’ (I’m being dramatic)-dislike towards the idea, I decided to paint the cabinet.

I researched a lot of furniture refurbishments on Pinterest and of course jumped on the Shabby Chic wagon like many others. After a good few weeks of reading and research I figured buying Annie Sloan paint would be the best idea, especially that we have a local shop that sells it (YAYY- Happy Fil !). 

So what is Shabby chic and chalk paint?? Let me try to explain. It is NOT chalk board paint! (please do not mix up) Chalk paint is a furniture paint that can go straight over any type of surface without having to prepare or sand off the previous coat. Now of course you can sand down the top layer of an old cabinet, and it is recommended especially if it is bumpy and uneven and you wanted a perfect finish. (As you will see from the pictures below I just went ahead and applied the paint straight to the cabinet-I’m a rebel!) Chalk paint is WATER based therefore no issues of using it inside and therefore no great need for ventilation. It also dries extremely quickly.

So basically it is not necessary to sand the surface first, however it is highly recommended that you use either a clear or dark wax (clear wax will just look the same applied to the colour, the dark wax will make it darker..simple.) Waxing the surface is great since it protects the surface from water etc. Please bare in mind that I do recommend making sure windows are open when you apply the wax as it can get a little smelly. I definitely thought waxing is an essential step for me since the cabinet will hold my plates, glasses and pots, that usually come straight out of the dishwasher. Didn’t quite fancy the idea of all the paint rubbing off on my wet plates and pots- YUCK. 


A few weeks ago I visited the shop and decided to go for the ‘Pure White‘ chalk paint. I have also purchased a soft clear wax and a large flat brush. I was all set for my first ever painting project. (I also purchased a small tester tub of the Charcoal colour for details and trims and the legs of the cabinet)

Now that I had all my tools I could start painting. 

First step was to tape all my windows and mirrors around, as even though it is a water based paint and I’m sure it would wash off rather easily, I didn’t want the faf. (My lovely neighbour Sarah helped doing the tape bit and some of the painting as I am not too crafty)

So here I go – first ever painting project of any kind.. It started off great. The paint was so so so easy to apply and just glided on the cabinet surface even though it was a highly waxed shiny wood. I was so impressed and just could not stop painting. At the end I applied only 2 coats and I was very impressed with the results. 

Time to wax!!! You can buy special wax brushes which are very helpful to apply the product (which is actually really soft and extremely easy to use) or you can use a cloth. I opted for a cloth and didn’t think buying another brush was necessary. So I just dipped the cloth into the wax and rubbed it around the DRY paint on the cabinet. It made it have a kind of wet look which did make me worried, however it has dried matte over night. 

I have seen projects where people distress their paint by using a fine sandpaper around the edges etc, however I was really really happy with the result and wanted to keep it that way.

That is it really guys. The paint is holding up fine and I think it is well worth the money. I would have sold or got rid of the cabinet however now I look at it with pride everyday (I’m a bit sad aren’t I? -who cares)

Please see my pictures of the big transformation below 🙂

shabby chic Annie Sloan

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Thanks for reading,

Love, Fil x



Glossybox March 2016/2

Hi guys!

So this has taken me a while to write…. 

As you may know I have recently signed up to receive ‘Glossybox’ every month. It is basically a monthly beauty box subscription which costs me £10 but this way I can try new products out (5 new products to be exact) per month 🙂 Could not resist this could I? 

So I have previously reviewed my starter park which you can read by clicking this link: Glossybox March starterpack

Right so the first box I received was just a starter pack to say welcome I suppose. A few days later I have received the actual March Glossybox box which I will review today. I have not used the products as I wanted to write the review first and I also wanted to wait to finish my current products before I try these.

Lets start at the packaging. It was the same as the last time, a lovely little simplistic pink box. Once opened I found the same cute packaging with a bow and wrapping paper. (I suppose it is the same every time) – I really like how simple it is and that I am not paying for fancy packaging, but rather I am paying for new little products which I would not have bought otherwise.

Products received:

  • Luxie – Rose gold large angled face brush 504 ( Luxie 504)
  • Olay – Regenerist skin tone perfecting cream (Olay)
  • Hey Honey – Good morning honey silk facial serum (Hey Honey)
  • -417 – Catharsis vitamin mineral shampoo (-417 shampoo)
  • -417 – Catharsis vitamin mineral shampoo (-417 conditioner)
  • So Susan – Light diffuser (So Susan)


I am very impressed with this box. Please note that apart from the Luxie brush and the So Susan highlighter combo, the products are smaller tester sizes. However if you check the links out above the Glossybox is well worth it even if these are testers, as everything is rather expensive.

I will be testing the shampoo and conditioner later today as I ran out my normal products. I have swatched the So Susan highlighter and bronzer due and I absolutely love it. This product is extremely pigmented which is great size I did think that its a little small if you are to spend £14 on it. it also smells amazing -coconut and cocoa- cannot go wrong with smelling like chocolate all day long can you? 

Once again the other products I’ve yet to try but I have smelled and tested all on the back of my hand and so far so good. I don’t like trying and testing too many products on my skin at once just to reduce breakouts. I will slowly introduce them to my skin care routine though in the next week or two and I am sure I will like both the Hey Honey and the Olay products.

I am like a little girl at Xmas and very giddy to find out what I get in the April box 🙂 

Until next time,

Love, Fil x



Birthday party!

Hey guys!!

Oh my God I cannot believe this little sausage is one year old.

We are so lucky to have this little man in our lives for the past 12 months. I have been dreaming and wanting a french bulldog since around 2009 but the time wasn’t right. When I suggested to James that I will make contact with the breeder he was quite against the idea. He was probably thinking ‘OMG what have I got myself into with this girl!’ But obviously I am the boss and what I say goes (or at least I would like to think so haha) -only joking- So I rang the breeder and she happened to just mate one of her doggies and was expecting red fawn puppies. As you can imagine I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to have him in my arms.

archie 1

12 months ago on a windy Thursday evening while away with work, I received THE text.. The three little musketeers were born.. the message was followed by tonnes of pictures of the little ones.

2 very long weeks after we had the chance to go and visit the babies. I know that this is the moment when James fell in love with him. Archie fell right asleep in his palm and I could tell on his face that this was the moment 😀

We visited them a few more times but they needed to be left alone really and get nice and strong and healthy. So in May we finally had the chance to bring Archie home 🙂 We were well prepared and had everything he possibly ever need ready in the flat.

It had been the best 12 months ever as a wee family of three. Archie is a nightmare and he is mischievous but I would not change him for the world. (yes I do treat him like he is my child-but he is my child and that’s that).

He is rather stubborn but clever at the same time and is able to do a few tricks. His all time favourite thing is to sleep therefore we are somewhat similar 😀

archie 2

So yeah that is our story in a ‘nutshell’…

Everyone please meet Archiebald Pierre White!

Happy birthday sausage!!!

Fil, x


Glossybox March 2016

I have finally received my first ever Glossybox. 🙂

I’m very excited to see what I get in the next few months..

Today I will review the starter pack that I received earlier this week.

So what is Glossybox? It is a monthly beauty box subscription. Every month you get 5 beauty products from high end, niche and new brands. Some of them will be little testers for you to try and then you can go and purchase full size products online, others will be full size. Sounds good right?

I went for the monthly plan where I pay £10 plus the delivery, totaling in £13.25 per month. It is a great way of trying out new products and would also be a great subscription to get someone else if you know they love makeup and beauty products. (I am treating myself)

SO what is inside of the starter kit?

The packaging is simple..a little pink box with the goodies tucked inside.

Once opened you are greeted with a leaflet describing the contents of your monthly Glossybox.

The starter pack contained: (prices are taken off the information leaflet)

  • Full size ‘Wilkinson Sword’ ladies razor (£6.99)
  • Full size ‘The Vintage Cosmetics Company’ floral tweezers (£8)
  • Luxury Size ‘Naobay’ protective hair mask/conditioner (full size £10.64)
  • Full size ‘Royal Apothic’ lip tin (£14)
  • Full size ‘Nicka K New York’ 24hr waterproof eyeliner (£3.99)

You may wonder ‘well my hair is healthy and I don’t need that product’ or ‘I dont use brown eyeliner’.. well .. When you are signing up to receiving the goddies you also fill in a questionnaire which somewhat helps the lovely people at Glossybox customize your orders. In my opinion if I receive something that I wouldn’t necessarily use, I can gift it to one of my friends or family.

So now the products quality..

I have tried the razor and it is great, the creamy soap smells amazing and makes my skin feel lovely after shaving (which is a must with my rhino skin).

The eyeliner is good, nothing special but I always use black eyeliner and now I do like using this brown one. No smudge, nice colour, easy application – great product really 🙂

I’m not a massive fan of lip tints but the packaging is so bloody cute I actually started using it because of the packaging (yeah I AM that type of girl..) – very nice colour and seems to have made the lips a bit softer too.. TICK

The hair mask is marvellous.. I love the smell I love the consistency and I love how soft and healthy my hair felt just after ONE use…


I am very happy with this starter pack and will continue my subscription for another few months at least. This way I can try new products every month 🙂

There are many different beauty boxes on the market I have chosen Glossybox as the products in previous reviews have been more suitable for my beauty routine. 🙂

Thanks for reading, until next time,

Love, Fil x