IKEA haul..

So yeah this happened .. I’m not sure if it was the gorgeous breakfast I’ve made him or just my lovely smile but I managed to drag James to ikea over the weekend.. 

    I absolutely LOVE Ikea .. I can spend hours and hours in there looking at basically everything. It’s a great place to find ideas for small flats where you don’t have a lot of space. 

    My search started on Pinterest. I really needed ideas for a makeup table that doesn’t just have little drawers. (Seriously what are those people thinking?? A mirror and two tiny tiny drawers ??! This face needs a lot of makeup therefore a lot of space .. ) so yeah Pinterest and tumblr are my friends when it comes to IKEA hacks .. This is where I found a picture where they basically got two set of drawers and a tabletop and voila it’s a dressing table.. I completely fell in love with it and had to have it 🙂 
    So 113 pounds later I’m a proud owner of a set of Alex drawers and a Linnmon tabletop 🙂 I’m one happy girl not gonna lie 😀 

    It is a little messy still but I absolutely love it 🙂  (Check out my beautiful mummy and daddy on their weddingday 30 years ago)


Items I purchased:


Thanks for reading 🙂 

Fil, x


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