The V day… <3

As I mentioned in the previous blog we had a party on Saturday night for Olivers 25th. It was good craic.

I had the chance to meet all of their school friends and everyone was lovely we all had a great time. We went to watch the dog races which was good (think the highest winnings were 3.75- we are good at gambling) . It was just funny and we just had a few drinks and some burgers while watching the dogs. This was then followed by a crazy (lets not get into the details) house party. Managed to come home fairly early around 4-5AM as I knew we had Valentines plans the next day.

So I surprisingly woke up okay and wasn’t hungover-SCORE!!! 

We decided to go to the cinema like most couples this weekend, to watch Deadpool. It was hilarious I quite enjoyed it even though I didn’t think I would. Only downside was that we both thought the trailers have showed the most funny parts. HATE when they do that to movies… It was still very good though. 

We didn’t make a massive fuss for Valentines… not one of ‘those’ couples. I love James the other 364 days of the year so if I was to celebrate the love and all I would be VERY VERY poor haha. 😀 We did get each other a card and I got a lovely rose and a Harry Potter characters book and sweeties and a Dobby pendant ( RIP DOBBY). He got a some Lush beard care stuff… it smells LOVELY!! I love Lush products. 🙂 Need to start getting into the habit of baths so I can buy bath bombs.. doesn’t have the same effect in the shower haha 

So yeah overall it was a great weekend and was glad I got the chance to spend some time with James as due to his career it is not always easy to plan things. 🙂 ❤

I’m very excited about his birthday in April and hopefully my plans work out 🙂 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and if you are single hope you had fun hating the couples. (I used to think that and still find most couples cheesy) 

Now I must go pick this man up from the train station otherwise I’ll be in ‘trouble’ 😛 Also need to do leg day. Mondays are fun eh?


Fil, x


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