Back on track… I guess

I’m actually feeling much better in the past few days. 

I have been ‘good’.. meaning I have kept to my healthy eating and working out plans.

Not going to lie the ‘sweat’ app which is the Kayla Itsines IOS app is absolutely AMAZING.. There are mixed comments and I understand what existing customers mean. I have the PDF of her guides already however the app is so much more helpful for me.  I am terrible with the whole working out for 7 minutes thing and the timer really helps. It sounds completely silly since I can use my phone as a timer alone but I love the app and that’s that. The meals on there are great, the challenges are fun and getting a little trophy makes me happy. Am I loosing my mind??! Probably… 😀

Also since starting the app this week I have actually done more during the 28 minutes than ever before. I used to do the circuits twice (yeah I know… but have to start somewhere) which meant doing circuit 1, once during the 7 minutes then do circuit 2 once for 7 minutes and then once again for both. However this week I done circuit 1 twice in the 7 minutes and then once more the second round.. so done each of them 3 times.. ANYWAY stop rambling Fil… I’m proud of myself and that’s what matters. This journey is MY journey and I’m changing my lifestyle for myself but its nice to share my little goals 🙂

How’s everyone else getting on with the #kaylamovement?  I should be on like week 6 but I had a few bumps and stuff on the way but I am now completely motivated. I even took the dog for an hour walk today after work.. How Friday nights change eh? 😀 

I am very excited for the party we are going to tomorrow. It will be nice to get dressed and put make up on and not wear my work uniform.. ha.. I also FINALLY ordered the grey hair dye that has been out of stock in Superdrug for absolutely AGES.. But today it was finally in stock and I can pick it up in store tomorrow. HAPPY FIL.. 

Fil, x


PS: After reading the above I can conclude that I am certainly getting older and with age comes a boring life haha. never have I ever thought I will be excited for a fitness app trophy or hair dye haha.



2 thoughts on “Back on track… I guess

  1. winniemui

    Haha, it’s about the little things that brings us joy! 🙂

    I don’t use the app and just look at my phone. I completed the first round twice and doing a third round on 2/22. Good luck on the next 6 weeks! I always look forward to going to the gym after work for BBG! 🙂



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