I am alive ..

I’ve been so lazy recently.. Literally have no energy to do anything . Even though I promised myself that this time around I will complete the #kaylamovement I cannot find the energy to work out . I have the motivation and the end goals but just cannot seem to find time . Sounds ridiculous since it is only 28 minutes per day ..

I have made plans that I am sticking to from next week.. Im also going to be documenting the whole journey online which hopefully gives me even more help and a regime to stick to. I really need the help of the #bbg community on here and IG to keep me going 🙂 

I also finally have a proper date to work towards . It is less than 12 weeks away therefore I’m going to work out even harder and do an extra round each time and push myself. I WILL get over the fear of the gym and instead of just paying the monthly bill I WILL actually go to the gym for HIIT and LISS training. Or do them at home since I have bought a lot of fitness accessories and made space in the spare room for myself.

Can’t wait to get all these plans sorted and hopefully everything works out for me.

On a happier note I have ordered 50 pounds worth of hair products from boots.com so hopefully my hair gets back to a normal state .. Really bored of it being in such bad condition . Saying that I am bleaching it one more time this weekend . I will make a video maybe of the process .. Or a haul with all the things I got. There’s loads 🙂 

Right I must get back to work. 



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