Lazy Saturdays are gone… #growingup

What happened to saturdays where I just slept and read blogs, watched youtube all day and ate junk food? 

I didn’t do my full body work out yesterday because I was so so tired after work I knew I wouldn’t do it properly. I’m going to do it today instead and fit it into my busy saturday 🙂

You know you are growing up when cleaning and doing the washing is what you have scheduled for a Saturday. What am I like?? BORING!  I actually don’t mind 🙂 I enjoy living in a tidy house and it is currently a mess so.. I will do my workout tonight after I’ve done the cleaning and walked Archie. Nice long walk with my little man because I missed it the other morning as my bed needed me  🙂 I have so much love for this furbaby it is unreal. ~head over to my instagram to see piccies of him (FILS.JOURNEY)~

Also check out my (not so healthy) lunch I made today.. Absolutely gorgeous and I needed it before the cleaning begins. My new obsession is mustard mayo.. I literally have it on everything.. give it a try 🙂


Fil, x


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